An affiliation platform created by e-merchants for e-merchants

An affiliate network for Home and Fashion.

The 1st affiliate network for Home and Fashion brands.

Casaneo is the 1st affiliation platform dedicated exclusively to the Home and Fashion sectors. It was designed by e-marketing experts and former e-merchants to respond specifically to the problems of e-merchants and help them develop their turnover and their activity.

Quality traffic generated by affiliate sites and affinity email databases to your core target – that’s our strength. That’s why our advertisers trust us and get great results. We broadcast your offers to a premium network of over 40 million unique visitors per month!

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliation is a performance marketing lever by which a merchant site (advertiser) offers a network of partner sites (known as affiliates or publishers) to promote its products or services through advertisements.


They click on the offer link and arrive on the advertiser's site.


He promotes the advertiser's offer on his site.


The customer converts on his site


manages the advertiser's campaign and tracks conversion.

Affiliate remuneration models

The different models of remuneration in affiliation are as follows:

Cost per purchase (CPA)

Cost per purchase (CPA)

This mode of commission consists of remunerating the publisher for each sale that he generates from the traffic returned from his site.
That is to say each time an Internet user from the publisher’s site places an order on the advertiser’s site.
The commission can be fixed or variable (percentage on the amount of the sale). In the case of a percentage on sales, this will be defined in agreement with the advertiser according to its average basket and its margin rate.

Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click (CPC)

each click by the Internet user on an advertising medium is remunerated by a fixed amount in euros (around a few cents to a few tens of cents depending on the targeting requested and the sector of activity). With this model, the advertiser commissions the publisher for each visitor sent to their site. The primary goal for CPC affiliate programs is to drive as much qualified traffic to their site as possible.

Cost per lead (CPL)

Cost per lead (CPL)

A lead is a sales contact, a potential customer (prospect). CPL consists of paying publishers for each lead it generates for the advertiser. The type of paid actions in a CPL affiliate program basically depends on how the advertiser wants to retrieve prospect information. Among the most frequent actions are filling out a form (request for quote, etc.), subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a document (catalogue, brochure, etc.)

Affiliation media

To help them promote their offers, advertisers must provide publishers with various promotional tools. The most common are banners, mailing kits, text links, product feeds, and discount codes. This promotional material is central to the device of any affiliate campaign. Its quality and presence in sufficient numbers are essential.

The more an advertiser offers varied media, regularly updated and optimized for conversion, the more publishers will be receptive and motivated to relay them. For advertisers who do not have the internal resources necessary to produce these promotional tools, we provide them with our graphic studio.

affiliation supports

The role of Casaneo, the affiliation platform
home & fashion


Advertiser (merchant)

Owner of an ecommerce site who wishes to sell products with the help of an affiliate via the affiliate network or an affiliation platform. It pays by results (CPA, CPC, CPL).

She runs an online fashion boutique.
plateforme d'affiliation casaneo

Affiliation platform (Casaneo)

It provides the affiliation platform where advertiser and publisher are connected to each other. It provides banners and affiliate links to the publisher for product promotion.

In the Casaneo team, he is the trusted third party for all players.

Affiliate (publisher)

Affiliate who owns a website, blog or technology. He wants to monetize his web traffic by placing affiliate links (or banners) pointing to the merchant's products.
She has a blog specializing in fashion accessories

The affiliate platform sits in the middle of this equation between advertisers and the publisher network. It plays the role of trusted third party between the two parties, guaranteeing the smooth running of transactions and ensuring the management of payments to publishers. It also provides everyone with a technical solution for recording and ensuring the tracking of actions carried out by Internet users.

Why integrate affiliate marketing into your

réponse à adapté à l'objectif

1. A response tailored to your objectives

Affiliation, thanks to the wide range of performance solutions that it aggregates, makes it possible to respond to all the problems and objectives of advertisers:

• Generate qualified traffic on its site

• Increase sales

• Collect qualified profiles

• Develop its notoriety

• Promote its products and services

• Build customer loyalty

– Generate buzz around your brand.

levier marketing

2. A powerful marketing lever

In the current economic context where marketing budgets are shrinking and where advertisers are more attentive than ever to the return on investment (ROI) of their online marketing campaigns, affiliation stands out for its profitability-oriented approach and its 100% model. to performance. With membership: • You only pay when you get results • You maximize your income without risk taking with a minimum of financial expenditure • You extend your presence on the web and boost your conquest of new customers • You eliminate overhead and improve the ROI of your online marketing actions
mise en place sans contrainte

3. Installation without constraints

Setting up and managing a successful affiliate program cannot be improvised and requires in-depth knowledge of the sector. That’s why, as an affiliation platform and performance marketing expert, we can help you set up your campaign without any constraints.
So we take care of:

• Quick and simplified set-up of your campaign

• Real-time monitoring of your performance

• Processing monthly payments from your affiliates

We also provide you with all the infrastructure and technical interface you need to manage your program:

• No software to install or maintain

• No additional hardware or server resources required

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