Lead Generation for Home and Service Professionals

Supply your salespeople with qualified leads

Are you a building professional? Service? A craftsman ? We offer you effective solutions for generating traffic and collecting optin profiles. Harness the power of our affinity network to boost your qualified prospect recruitment operations. Control your acquisition costs. Pay only for results.

The 1st expert affiliate platform for collecting leads for housing & services

Casaneo is an affiliate platform specializing in lead generation for housing and service professionals (works, real estate, insurance, banking, etc.). Our lead collection solutions allow you to promote your offers by reaching a target looking for your products and services on the internet. Our job is to connect building, real estate, works and service professionals with individuals interested in their offers.

Thanks to our efficient systems (optimized landing pages, targeted and geolocated emailing, campaigns on search engines, etc.), we supply your sales representatives with leads and qualified appointments.

We guarantee you the best value for money since our offer is based on performance-based remuneration. You only pay for the result and so don’t waste a single euro!

The generation of qualified leads: what are the benefits?

Acquiring qualified leads helps you increase your conversions and grow your business.

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Partner and affinity email databases

Our qualified lead generation solutions

We help you identify your future customers and increase your business volume.

Dedicated landing page

The landing page is the foundation of your lead collection campaign. We generate traffic on this page via external sources (emailing, SEA, social networks) to collect data from your prospects.


This collection lever allows advertisers to generate bases of qualified prospects quickly and at a lower cost. We target the profile of Internet users you want to collect (sex, age, etc.) and distribute your campaigns on partner sites.


We use qualified databases (more than 350 partner opt-in email databases) that we can combine with sophisticated targeting (geolocation, socio-demographic criteria, etc.) to increase your pool of prospects.

Search engines & social networks

We use the power of search engines (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.) and social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) to reach Internet users who are actively looking for offers and services from our advertisers.

Graphic creation

Our design studio can manage the design of your promotional materials (Emailing Kit, Welcome mail, dedicated Landing Page, etc.) at reduced prices. Our web designers design media in line with the identity and positioning of your company.

Partner network

We work with high value-added publisher-partners (emailers, media sites, etc.) allowing advertisers to collect profiles from the natural traffic of these sites and our premium partner databases.

Why do companies choose Casaneo?

How can we help you ?

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Casaneo is aimed at professionals in the building, real estate, insurance, banking and, in general, at all services associated with the housing market.

No setup fees or monthly subscriptions are required. You activate your campaign for as long as you want and can interrupt it whenever you want.

We work on pure performance. We define together the most suitable compensation for your sector of activity (CPL) and guarantee you perfect control of your budget.

Our creative team can design your promotional materials (Emailing Kit, Welcome mail, dedicated Landing Page, etc.) with competitive rates. This service is offered to companies that do not have internal resources to ensure the proper production of collection media.

They trust us.

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