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E-merchants: best practices for an e-commerce product sheet that converts

bonnes pratiques d’une fiche produit

The raison d’être of an e-commerce site is, of course, to sell carefully created or selected items to interested parties.

To achieve this, online store owners have no choice but to create product sheets.

Because optimizing these elements is of vital importance if you want to make the most of your sales, we’d like to give you a few tips on how to improve them.

What is a product sheet in marketing?

A product sheet is a web page that provides consumers with all the information they need on a specific item.

As a result, it’s the foundation of all online stores: no product page, no e-commerce site.

However, there’s a difference between product pages that convert, and product sheets that struggle to make visitors want to buy.

If you are in the 2e situation, don’t wait to discover our tips for completely redesigning your pages.

A product sheet with quality design and attractive images

Because visuals will undoubtedly be the first thing the web user sees, it’s important to choose them with care.

In fact, we’ve noticed that many product sheets don’t include any. This is a mistake. Because on the Internet, consumers can’t see or touch the product. It is therefore important to provide good quality images and visuals or even product demonstration videos if possible.

At least one product presentation photo in an environment that enhances it. Then a visual gallery which presents the article from every angle, with the option of zooming in on specific elements.

However, be sure to rework the weight of your images so as not to weigh down your pages (which will have an impact on loading speed and, therefore, user experience).

A product sheet that includes detailed product specifications and description

After the images, let’s turn our attention to the description.

Another important element of any product sheet is the text, which provides consumers with the right information to encourage them to make a purchase.

This description must include factual elements (size, weight, choice of color, materials…). But also more detailed information (product benefits, size guide, product features, user manual…).

Some e-tailers don’t hesitate to use an original or even humorous tone, to make visitors want to take the time to read their product sheets.

The idea behind this practice: stand out from the crowd by working on the user experience. Obviously, this is not a blog post; the product sheet must have the following elements primary objective of selling. However, there’s nothing to stop you from using tried-and-tested copywriting techniques (storytelling, for example).

Designing a product page with structure in mind

Images and description are the skeleton of a product sheet.

Yet without a good structure and attractive design, you’ll have trouble converting.

The idea is to work on every page of your e-commerce site to make life easier for visitors.

Today, the sites that perform best are the simplest. Don’t hesitate to experiment by changing the position of your various elements to see what works.

Not forgetting to think about the elements linked to natural referencing (tags in particular).

A product data sheet at the right price

It goes without saying, price remains one of the key elements of a high-performance product sheet..

This must be clearly and precisely displayed.

As far as possible, avoid vague price lists or “contact us” statements (unless the sector requires it). For this reason, it is preferable to indicate the price “from…”.

What’s more, if you’re offering a discount to your customers, this should also appear as early as possible (via the basket amount, for example) to increase conversion rates.

Creation of e-commerce product sheets with reassurance elements

On the Internet, it is important to reassure your visitors. Especially if they don’t know you.

To do this, don’t hesitate to display the following on your product page customer reviews. Provided, of course, that they are real.

You can also leave a space for comments from your customers.

Good to know: all studies indicate that customer reviews are very important in motivating visitors to become customers. In 2020, 87% of French Internet users indicated that customer reviews had a major impact on their purchasing decisions. 1/3 are even more interested in customer reviews than promotions.

Other reassurance elements to be displayed: guarantees, delivery times, and the possibility, for example, of returning the product if it doesn’t suit.

A quality product sheet on an e-business site means a product sheet that meets the needs of Internet users.

In general, it’s essential that a product data sheet is the beginning of a process that accompany the customer from the moment they arrive at your online store to the point of purchase.

Your product sheet must therefore enable them to easily find the information they’re looking for and place their order.

In addition to the elements listed above, don’t forget to include a few CTA (Clic To Action) in your product page, and pay attention to the the technical aspect of your page (loading speed or display on different screen sizes).

By providing your visitors with a good user experience, you put all the chances on your side to into customers.

Here’s a concrete example: link your product sheet to blog articles and/or buying guides via internal links, so that you can provide precise answers to your customers’ questions.

How to create a commercial product sheet: templates and examples

Would you like some examples of high-performance product sheets ? Here it is about thirty.

You can also take inspiration from what your competitors are doing, or from the companies you buy from on a regular basis.

Take a close look at the layout of the various elements, their technique, their CTAs and the keywords used in the text and SEO tags.

Using these sample forms to rework your own (text, keywords, CTA, title, technique, cross-selling…) is an excellent way to boost your sales.


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