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Affiliate marketing: working with content sites

If you have activated an affiliate program and you wish to have among your affiliates a large number of content sites (blogs, webzines, etc.), you must know the expectations of this type of affiliate and act accordingly.

Content sites, which are very popular with advertisers, have the possibility of subscribing to a large number of affiliate programs and media . However, they very often have a fairly limited amount of time to promote these programs. Indeed, for most bloggers, this activity is above all a hobby allowing them, on occasion, to generate additional income.

To persuade a content publisher to choose your brand and to promote it with enthusiasm, you must therefore first of all seduce him and provide him with a certain number of guarantees and elements that will make his task easier.

Here are 3 things content publishers expect from advertisers.

1- An attractive remuneration

Creating quality, high-value content for the brand takes time – a lot of time, in fact. As a result, content publishers expect to be compensated for the time spent and the reach of their content. Let’s not forget that this audience, which advertisers want to reach, was not built up overnight. Very often it is the result of several years of publication and exchanges between the blogger and his readers, so it is normal to take it into consideration when setting the remuneration.

You can decide to pay them on sales (CPA) or leads generated (CPL) by bringing traffic. However, limiting yourself to this type of remuneration is not enough to engage content publishers to promote your brand. Indeed, content sites mainly play a prescribing role. In this they are at the beginning of the conversion tunnel. But before this qualified traffic turns into customers, other affiliates, such as retargeters or cashbackers, will have intervened in the tunnel and it is to them that the commission will be awarded. Unless of course, if you set up a commission sharing system (retribution of the entire chain of affiliates). It is therefore preferable to start with a hybrid remuneration combining both a CPA or CPL commission and a fixed amount.

You can also set up some devices popular with content sites.

  • Incentivize enrollment

When an affiliate joins your program, offer them a special discount or voucher on your site. This will allow them to familiarize themselves with your brand. And who knows, maybe spontaneously write a review about it!

  • Organize a contest

A great way to activate and engage content publishers is to offer them to relay a contest. They love ! This is an opportunity for them to reward their audience by making them win prizes. It’s an effective way for you to get the word out about your brand, drive traffic to your site, and collect qualified leads.

  • Have your products tested

The fixed remuneration for the writing of an article can be replaced by a donation in kind. You can effectively offer a product from your site to a blogger in exchange for a column on this product. Very often the article is accompanied by photos of your product in situation taken by the affiliate himself. It is his user experience that he shares with his audience. An excellent way, therefore, to build a relationship of trust with your prospects.

2- Unique content

Content publishers are often on the lookout for the latest trends and novelties. Have you just introduced a new product? Have you scheduled a period of special promotions? Share your news with them. Give them the opportunity to be the first to communicate about these events to their readers. By doing so, you will demonstrate the trust you have in them. You will confirm their status as ambassadors of your brand.

3- Exclusive offers

If they are fond of the latest news, content sites also love exclusives. Providing a blog with an exclusive discount code that they can share with their community is one of the most effective ways to get people talking about you. Content publishers like to please their audience. And as everyone knows, saving a little money is always fun. By doing this, you also promote impulse buying and thereby optimize the ROI (Return on Investment) of your campaign.

As you will have understood, if you wish to have active content sites among your affiliates in the promotion of your brand, you must be proactive by giving them the tools and guarantees they expect.

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