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Affiliation 2024: trends to watch

The end of the year is fast approaching. So now’s a good time to look ahead and try to predict what’s going to happen in the coming year by affiliate marketing.

Our big predictions: a rise in AI, influencer marketing and multi-channel in various forms.

Let’s get out our crystal ball and take a detailed look at 2024 affiliation strategies for brands and companies.


Using AI in affiliate marketing

In 2023, AI made a lot of noise. Some feared losing their jobs, while others rushed to test and experiment with the new possibilities offered by this technology.

It’s a safe bet that we’re only at the of Artificial Intelligence and that the tool will evolve in the years to come, undoubtedly becoming more precise. In any case, many high-tech companies are looking into the matter, and we’re witnessing a fierce battle between Google and Microsoft (not to mention French Tech).

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do without predictive analytics in marketing and communications. In addition to offering high-quality, optimized content (as long as it’s reworked according to your needs), AI offers the keys to in-depth conversion analysis and a better understanding of consumer behavior.

In affiliate marketing, Artificial Intelligence favors an approach based on better approach based on better targeting of potential customers and the conversational queries to boost conversions.. For companies and brands, this means greater campaign effectiveness.

If, as an advertiser, you haven’t integrated AI into your affiliate strategy, 2024 is the best time to get started.


Selling online through multi-channel

Since the popularization of smartphones and the rise of m-commerce, multi-channel has been on a roll. Especially with a young audience. A person interested in your products and services can now easily find information on one platform and make purchases on another.

Your objective as an advertiser will be tobe present at the right time and in the right place (we insist on this point). Hence the adoption of a multi-channel approach for more effective campaigns.

We’re thinking, for example, of the strategic appeal of TikTok if you’re targeting young people, or the possibility of offering high-value value-added localized advertising via personalized banners.

Don’t ignore changing consumer needs by focusing on a single point of focus, and adapt to the market before the competition overtakes you. Today, it’s relatively easy to understand and anticipate the buying journey of your customers and prospects. Use it to improve your return on investment by using the right platforms.

Note: the adoption of an approach partnership approach with other non-competing brands can be a winner in 2024. This can be done through newsletters, on-site placements or co-branded products. Affiliation offers the tools you need to communicate as a duo: make the most of it!

Affiliation Marketing at your fingertips


More and more strategies based on influencer marketing

Although recent cases have tended to upset influencer marketing in France, it is still very powerful. Especially in affiliate marketing. Choosing the right influencer to communicate with the right target audience is a decisive factor in achieving an excellent return on investment.

On the one hand, you can communicate with a public already committed to your cause, by taking advantage of a little boost offered by an influencer who appreciates your products. a little boost from an influencer who appreciates your products and want to share them with their community. You can also test a new market at lower cost by taking advantage of the striking power of well-known influencers.

Your objective is to vary the profile of content creators, by focusing on macro, micro and nano influencers. These can help you set up ultra-qualified campaigns through a unique partnership for a unique marketing experience.

Affiliation Marketing at your fingertips


SEO and affiliation: a winning partnership in 2024

In 2024, the power of natural the power of SEO for your affiliate programs.

The fruit of this synergy is often a win-win situation for brands that are able to meet this challenge by taking advantage of affiliate contributions to produce and share high-quality content.

Please note: basing your efforts on actions that merge the fields of affiliate marketing and natural search engine optimization must be done taking into account and industry paradigms. (including the arrival of Google SGE). This means answering the questions your target audience is asking and providing them with provide highly personalized content.

Don’t neglect social proof

In e-commerce, reassurance is essential. It’s what makes the difference between a company that converts and one that struggles to get sales off the ground.

Influencer marketing helps a lot in this respect, offering high engagement rates.

That being said, the sales team must also focus on collecting and promoting positive customer reviews. This solves a number of problems encountered by advertisers, including cart abandonment and affiliate programs with poor results.

Keep in mind that brand credibility has a huge impact on the affiliate marketing landscape.

The virtual: the new playground for brands to sell online

The latest trend in 2024: the virtual (via the Metaverse, among others). We’ve put this influential technology at the very end of the article, as it seems to be having trouble catching on (especially in France).

However, it’s possible that it could take off all of a sudden, much to the delight of brands that have integrated it into their acquisition scenarios.

Do virtual platforms such as the Metaverse have to be part of your affiliate marketing? For the moment, clearly not. That said, all it takes is for certain networks of sustainable influencers to take an interest in it for it to explode and take over the market. the emerging trends of 2024 (or early 2025).

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to bet on this new technology in 2024.

Continuing to reward good performance

Finally, let’s stick to the basics. Either the seeking performance by selecting the right affiliates and offering the right products to the right people at the right time.

This is the B.A.B. of all affiliate strategies seeking an excellent return on investment.

Remember : affiliate marketing is based on a win-win principle. The more the affiliate pushes his users to make a purchase, the more he is paid. So, as an advertiser, you have to take care of everything focus on the performance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Although the affiliate marketing sector is constantly evolving, the pursuit of performance will always remain the basis, and this will not change in 2024 or in the years to come.

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