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Effective use of affiliation for summer sales

Originally, the summer sales were dedicated specifically to ready-to-wear. Then, over time, they began to diversify to reach other sectors.
Thus, for consumers, they have become an unmissable event. This is why, as an online sales professional, you must be ready to stand out from the competition and encourage your customers and prospects to come and shop on your site.
For this, affiliation still remains an interesting business lever .

Membership before the summer sales


Any good affiliate campaign should be sustainable . Especially since, during the sales, you won’t necessarily have time to look into it. You will, we hope, have a lot to do between orders, shipments and customer service.
Therefore, it is necessary to have selected your partners well in advance to be ready on D-Day. But also to know which product to highlight and when . Perhaps you want to highlight an element at the very beginning of the sales? Then another pendant? And which sites or which web star to use to be sure to capture new customers or retain existing ones?
These are all questions to ask yourself a few weeks (or even a few months) before the start of the sales.
Also think about working on your sales and promotions scenarios . When should you settle this or that reference? And at what mark?
This is the basis of all affiliate strategies .

Membership during the summer sales


This year, June 26 marks the start of the summer sales . For 6 weeks, all merchants and e-merchants are ready to welcome their customers eager for bargains.
In a physical store, it is easy to define your catchment area. On the other hand, online, it’s war with the whole world. Unless you’re selling unique products, of course. But, otherwise, the price war is raging. And all means are good to stand out.
If you’ve established a good, ongoing affiliate strategy over time, you won’t have to work a lot to remember your targets . All you have to do is give your business partners the tools they need to bring their users to your site.
As such, consider simplifying their lives. Especially since some can be taken over by different brands during the sales. They may not have as much time to devote to your business as you would like. This is why you must be sure to provide them with the right tools to communicate about your products at the right time, both in terms of content and form.
This can take the form of ready- made banners , striking visuals to integrate into their site or email kits tested to be sure that they display well on all types of screens (both desktop and mobile). Without forgetting a convincing sales pitch if you have opted for video communication. In short, your affiliate must have everything necessary so as not to be caught off guard at the worst possible time.
Obviously, once your campaign is launched, you must measure its return on investment and optimize it in real time if necessary . A product is not selling the way you want it to? Boost its visibility a little and evolve your communication accordingly.
Finally, don’t forget to manage inventory . Because there is nothing worse than seeing customers arrive who want to take advantage of your offers, but come across a landing page with an out-of-stock product. This tarnishes the reputation of your site… but also that of your business partner.
Note: Always be on the lookout for changes in your competitors’ markdowns . But also yours. During the sales, everything changes very quickly. Your job will therefore be to scrutinize the slightest change in price in order to continue to make sales. Without forgetting the promotional advantages (free delivery for example) which can make the difference.

Membership after the summer sales


The summer sales have just ended. It’s time to take a breather and thank your business partners . This is also the right time to identify the positives and negatives of your campaigns.
Perhaps you had been ill-prepared to receive a new influx of visitors and buyers? Or some affiliates did not play the game? Or, in the madness, you had not noticed that certain campaigns did not obtain the expected results?
It is strongly advised not to carry out your tests during the sales. Everything must be run in order to generate turnover during this period. On the other hand, from year to year, you can refine your campaigns, design better tools and get closer to more and more relevant (and reputable) affiliates.
Need help managing your affiliate campaigns? The Arkheus teams are at your disposal to advise you and support you if necessary.

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