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How will Google SGE reshuffle the SEO deck in 2024 and what impact will it have on affiliate marketing?

Google SGE et SEO 2024

After GPT Chat in 2023, 2024 will mark a turning point for SEO with the arrival of
Google SGE
. This online search system, based on generative artificial intelligenceis already available in over 120 countries and promises to revolutionize the web.

How do you access this new experience for web marketing professionals? What will the challenges for affiliation and associated content?

We invite you to discover the potential of this new technology, which could well reshuffle the cards in SEO and e-commerce.

After Google Bard, what is Google SGE?

Google SGE or Search Generative Experience is an innovative Google technology based on
generative artificial intelligence
. This system offers users a new form of online search experience by generating relevant and accurate summaries based on the best search results.

In other words, when you perform a Google search, SGE provides you with a “snapshot” or instantaneous instant summary of the most relevant information from the referenced websites.

This technology is currently in beta and is designed to transform the online search experience by providing users with more relevant, accurate and personalized results. more relevant, accurate and personalized results.

Using generative AI, Google SGE is able to provide contextual answers to complex questions, offering a new approach to online search.

You guessed it: Google SGE is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Chat GPT. For users, the difference is in presentation, because while Chat GPT is a conversational chatbot, Google SGE integrates directly into search engine results to provide precise answers to Internet users’ queries, using all the data retrieved by Google.

Knowing that Google remains the undisputed leader in the search engine sector, the arrival of this new generative AI is likely to put the nail in the coffin once and for all..

How do I activate and test the Google SGE beta in France and Europe?

If you are interested in this technology, please note that activating Google EMS requires a specific procedurein several stages. Indeed, this tool is currently shunning European users and has not yet been deployed on the Old Continent (due to local regulations which have already had an impact on the deployment of Google Bard for the firm).

However, it can be accessed with a few simple manipulations. To get started, visit Google Labs and use a new Google Account to sign up for the Test Beta program. Remember to choose English as your main language in your settings, and use a VPN to connect to a server based in the USA to localize yourself on that continent.

Last step: finalize your registration on the waiting list and wait for the email authorizing access.

To test this technology, start by doing your research as usual. You’ll then notice the effect of Google SGE on search results.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with more complex queries to observe the relevance of the answers generated.

This tool is constantly evolving. It is therefore crucial to test regularly in order to stay up to date. adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

Impact of Google SGE in SERPs: the future of SEO and affiliate marketing

Faced with this revolution, SEO and affiliation will have to adapt.

With Google SGE, search results will be more relevant and personalized, making search engine optimization techniques more complex. SEO specialists will then have to optimize the content to respond precisely to user queries.

Many questions remain unanswered by users and web marketing professionals. Some rightly fear that the arrival of this new search system to have too great an impact on traffic.. It has to be said that by placing answers to users’ questions via SGE at the top of SERPs, natural SEO results will be shifted further and further down. This generates loss of visibility.

Not to mention that this type of technology, by providing information directly in the SERPs, produces a “zero click” phenomenon among users. zero click” phenomenon. In other words, it reduces the step of clicking on the link provided by the search engine to obtain the desired answer. Everything is now done within the search page.

This technology may also have an impact on impact on keyword research with the implementation of the “Ask a follow up” function“. For some time now, we’ve been going beyond the simple integration of keywords into content. Today more than ever, semantics will be far more important in achieving a high ranking in the SERPs.

What’s more, affiliation affiliation could also undergo major changes. Indeed, affiliate links will have to be strategically inserted into content to be taken into account by Google’s generative AI. What’s more, as with SEO, the impact on traffic could also affect affiliate revenues. Hence the need for SEO and affiliate marketing professionals to understand and prepare for these changes without delay.

If there’s one key thing to remember about Google SGEis thefocus on users. A direct response to the large-scale deployment of Chat GPT, Google SGE abandons the conversational mode of its competitor to adopt a model based on user data, making the link with its many products (Google Shopping, among others). With just a few clicks, users can access essential information on a specific subject, as well as related topics and useful information that may be of interest to them.

As a major evolution of Google’s search engine, we’re looking forward to 2024, when we’ll take stock of the first results in terms of SEO and affiliation. and affiliation results of this new technology.

  • To find out more about Google SGE, follow these links:

Qu’est-ce qui va vraiment changer avec la nouveauté Google SGE en 2024 ?

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