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Does my affiliate program suit my target?

This is an important question to ask yourself before embarking on an affiliate program.

Why ? Because, although affiliate marketing is a performance marketing solution, if you don’t target the right people with the right message, you risk setting up campaigns with low ROI.

Thus, you have to think carefully about your marketing personas and create messages that meet both their desires and their needs in order to choose the most suitable type of affiliation.

To help you, we offer an article that will answer all your questions.

A marketing persona: what is it?

A marketing persona (also called buyer persona) is a representation of your ideal customer. It’s sort of a sketch of the person you’re targeting. Therefore, it is necessary to go beyond his age, his location and his sex. You have to take a real interest in it to understand both its buying motivations and its consumption habits.

Thus, it requires a full understanding of your customers or prospects you want to target. And this must correspond to each stage of the conversion funnel. Because, whether you are looking to attract, convert, conclude or build loyalty, you will not necessarily target the same people using the same promotional message.

To do this, you need to ask yourself about the expectations of your buyers and prospects at each stage of the conversion funnel to be sure to develop effective strategies and regular optimizations to increase your ROI .

Without a perfect understanding of your targets, you risk communicating without a specific objective.

How do I define my target?

Above all else, use the data you have. This may be your own knowledge of your market as well as your customers.

If necessary, do not hesitate to supplement them with quality data from partner sites (we then speak of second or third party data).

Once this data has been collected and analyzed, start making precise files (or use a template found online) of your marketing personas.

Do as much as necessary based on your products and/or services. This will then help you create personalized and more effective promotional messages.

You have to really put yourself in the shoes of these people by asking yourself what they want and what they are looking for. This will help you know how to deliver an impactful promotional message to them.

Which message for which target?

Now that you know your target customers and referral leads, ask yourself where you can find them online and what types of affiliates you should choose .

Are they followers of social networks ? In this case, communicate on the one or those that seem to you the most important.

Have you noticed that your personas only buy if they find coupons? In this case, target the coupon or even cashback sites .

Do your customers like to be advised before buying? In this case, a shopping guide will be the basis of your prospecting strategy.

Without forgetting emailing, which remains a powerful business lever… provided, here too, that you send a powerful and personalized message that precisely meets the needs of your marketing personas.

You have understood: the more a message is targeted, the more likely it is to work. Hence the importance of focusing specifically on your audience.

Obviously, the format can change depending on your affiliate campaign. A social network can very well accommodate a pretty image or a video while textual content will be preferred to create a shopping guide.

Although it is possible to sell any type of affiliate product, focus on the referrals your prospects are interested in and the referrals your customers need. To do this, it is as important to take an interest in your targets as in the purchasing cycles of your items.

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