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Make Black Friday a success with affiliation

Affiliation is a performance marketing technique which fits perfectly with Black Friday. Provided you use it wisely.

We give you some advice to use the affiliation to its full potential in order to improve your visibility and your turnover during this high commercial period.

Prepare well while waiting for Black Friday

The key to a successful web marketing strategy during the Black Friday period is to prepare well in advance. This in order to be ready on D-Day, because you will probably have to manage the influx of visitors to your site and the large number of orders (therefore sending them).

Therefore, and above all else, it is important to know precisely the offers and products that you are going to promote during Black Friday.. To do this, you can carry out different tests well before the event on different targets and using different promotional messages. Since affiliation is a performance marketing solution, you have nothing to lose. So take the time to experiment and see what works.

As Black Friday approaches, offer original content to start attracting your prospects. You can, for example, write shopping guides, create special offers that you will share a few days before with your visitors through your social networks or create a teasing publication (a banner with a counter for example).

Don’t forget to set up a special Black Friday landing page either. where your visitors will arrive. And, above all, imagine as many scenarios as there are targets and products to attract your customers, make them want to buy (convert) and then retain them.

Finally, your affiliates will be your best allies during this event .. So be sure that you will be able to track the sources of each lead and sale via a specific tool. And imagine animations and special offers to make them want to talk about your products rather than those of your competitors. Without forgetting to provide them with the right promotional tools.

Redeem Affiliate During Black Friday

D-Day has arrived. You have a full day to attract people looking for deals.

For this, here are the different types of affiliates that you can use:

  • Affinity sites;
  • Social networks and influencers;
  • Cashback and promo code sites;
  • shopping guides;
  • Email marketing and retargeting;
  • On-site re-engagement;
  • keywording;
  • Or white label affiliation.

Choose personalized push ads to go directly to meet your prospects. The latter will be strongly solicited during this event. You will therefore have to be imaginative or offer really very interesting offers to make them want to come to your site.

Thanks to your previous tests, you will be able to identify the targets that are most likely to buy your items. It is these that you should target. The objective being to convert a maximum during this specific day. Moreover, these same tests have no doubt made it possible to determine the most effective affiliate partners. Feel free to focus your efforts on these.

Also, don’t forget to remind people who have already ordered from you or shown an interest in your site and products. the retargeting is a great tool in normal times. During Black Friday, it is an essential business lever.

This is a data to take into account when you are interested in your webmarketing strategy. As such, remember to focus your efforts and your budget on the acquisition lever(s) with the strongest ROI.


After Black Friday

Just because Black Friday is over doesn’t mean you have to rest. Especially that the Cyber Monday arrives a few days later.

Moreover, some companies continue to offer promotional offers throughout the weekend. Also, don’t forget that the end of year celebrations are approaching. So don’t let up on your efforts. Change your advertising message a bit (emphasizing the last hours of Black Friday and the possibility of still finding cheap Christmas gifts, for example) and continue your campaign until Monday .

Once the event is well and truly over, it’s time to look at the end-of-year celebrations. But, as in every webmarketing strategy, you must also analyze the results of your campaigns and identify what worked and what did not achieve the expected results. The goal being toimprove and refine your strategy over time.

Without forgetting here again to use retargeting to make the few people who were interested in you during Black Friday want to come back and see you. To do this, communicate that the exceptional offers end soon.

Casaneo: the affiliate platform that accompanies you during Black Friday

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To do this, we support you in managing your campaign and track conversions using a sophisticated tool. In addition to this support by a dedicated account manager, we also offer you a dedicated interface and numerous statistics to help you optimize the performance of your current campaigns.

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