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Understand the concept of affiliate marketing platform

concept de plateforme d’affiliation marketing

What is an affiliate marketing platform?


All marketing professionals have heard of affiliate marketing. Some are already using it to promote their products and services. Others are still hesitating. Is it the difficulty in finding affiliate partners or the technology that is the problem?

At Arkheus, we enable our fashion and home customers to use this tool to its full power.

Thus, because we are affiliate specialists, we invite you to learn more about this hyper-efficient business lever .

How to do affiliate marketing?

In principle, affiliate marketing is a relatively simple concept to understand. On the one hand, we have advertisers who want to highlight a product or service . On the other, we have a publisher site that promotes the product or service to its audience . In the context of affiliation, the advertiser is called ” affiliator ” and the publisher ” affiliate “.

What is interesting with affiliate marketing is the ability to offer performance-based compensation . We often talk about performance marketing when we talk about the concept of affiliation. Which means, in other words, that the affiliator pays the affiliate only in the presence of precise and defined results in advance. Thus, commissions are paid only in case of click (CPC), lead (CPL) or sale (CPA).

Popularized by Amazon a few decades ago, before, affiliation only offered a few formats. Generally, it took the form of a banner that was displayed on its site to lead visitors to a specific landing page.

Today, affiliation has evolved and offers advertisers numerous advertising formats from video to advertorials, emailing, performance display (targeting and retargeting), native advertising, presence on cashback sites or promotion via a well-known influencer.

How an affiliate marketing platform works

Because it can be difficult to find the right partners when it comes to affiliate marketing, on both the affiliate and the affiliate side, it’s possible (and even recommended) to use an affiliate marketing platform.

To better understand the principle of the affiliate marketing platform, let’s take a look at the precursor in this field: Amazon.

Amazon sells millions of products on its site. Thus, to promote its references to a qualified audience, the American giant has chosen to set up various affiliate programs. Publisher sites who wish to do so go directly to Amazon to choose the products that interest them and, through tools provided directly by Amazon, promote them on their site.

This is the basis of affiliate platforms. Over time, new types of programs have emerged. But also new technologies. This encourages more and more people to use these networks, bringing affiliates and affiliators into contact and offering increasingly efficient tools for all budgets.

The Benefits of Using an Affiliate Marketing Platform

You can quite directly establish contacts with your future affiliates (or affiliators depending on your position within the affiliate chain). However, it is time-consuming and nothing says that you will be dealing with honest and competent people in the matter.

The advantage of going through a reputable affiliate marketing platform is to have access to a network of reputable professionals in their sector . Thus, an affiliator knows that his advertisement will be seen by a qualified audience .

In addition, an affiliate marketing platform also offers powerful tracking tools and an easy-to-access interface . This makes it possible to obtain numerous statistics making it possible to refine the various campaigns and associated affiliate programs even more.

Finally, by going through an affiliate marketing platform, it is also possible to use qualified professionals if necessary. As a result, affiliators and affiliates are not left in the dark and can contact a privileged interlocutor to support them both in their efforts and in the success of their campaigns . And this also goes through all the financial part which is entirely managed by the platform.

To sum up, an affiliate marketing platform brings serenity, flexibility, and above all, the assurance of creating a successful affiliate campaign with an excellent ROI.

Casaneo: the retail and e-commerce affiliate marketing platform

Within Casaneo, we have chosen to avoid spreading ourselves too thin. So, since the creation of our affiliate marketing platform specializing in retail and e-commerce , we wanted to focus only on the fashion and home markets .

Obviously, this prevents us from offering our technology to professionals in other sectors. However, this also allows us to obtain excellent results on these two specific markets . Why ? Because we know these sectors perfectly and have developed an affinity network reaching millions of highly qualified unique users every month.

Unlike other versatile platforms, with Casaneo, you are guaranteed to capture a targeted audience to obtain qualified traffic and, through this, increase your conversion rate as much as your turnover or your visibility.

Today, we work with very big names in these two sectors and have already successfully activated more than a hundred affiliate campaigns in France, but also in several European countries.

Whatever your objective and the levers you want to use as a priority, our teams are at your disposal to advise and support you, both in the creation of your ads and in controlling your daily budget. Please note: our campaigns do not have any set-up or monthly subscription fees . You activate and deactivate them whenever you want.

A good reason to test the advantages of affiliation, too. Your competitors are probably already doing it: why wait to start the affiliation?


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