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Winter sales: how to attract customers through affiliation?

Black Friday marked the start of the holiday shopping season. Christmas is fast approaching and consumers have 1 month to find the right gifts for their loved ones.

But this isn’t the only period that retailers should be interested in. Car 2023 winter sales start January 11, 2023 (until February 7). So, because one commercial highlight hides another, it’s important to start thinking, if you haven’t already done so, about promoting your products during these sales.

We offer you the best advice on how to use affiliation to its full potential during this important time.


During sales periods, use cashback and promotional codes.

The cashback is gaining more and more ground as time goes by. In fact, many studies indicate that cashback is a decisive purchasing criterion (55% of buyers) and a sign of confidence (75%). We invite you to discover the top 10 cashback sites.

Le promo coderemains an important business lever, because unlike cashback, which allows you to earn money after making a purchase (and therefore requires you to buy), a promo code directly reduces the price.

In any case, since the sales period is a time of bargains for Internet users, it is obvious that these affiliation to attract new customers..


Influencers, social networks and shopping guides: excellent business levers for attracting new customers

Today, word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways of getting Internet users interested in you. Indeed, as consumers, we all appreciate having the opinion of former customers, specialists and/or family and friends before buying an item (especially if it’s expensive).

That’s why influencers influencers are particularly important during sales periods. Internet users will be bombarded with advertisements and special offers to be seized as a matter of urgency. So it can be hard to find your way around (especially if you don’t want to embark on a complex and time-consuming comparison exercise).

As a brand, affiliating with a recognized influencer in your sector can help you to attract people who are not familiar with your brand.

Be careful, however choose your business partners carefully and provide them with the right information to recommend your article.

Don’t hesitate to use shopping guide sites and social networks to promote your products during the sales.


Display: a classic that deserves your full attention

The banner is one of the most widely used affiliation media. This advertising format is also one of the oldest on the Internet. That said, this practice has evolved with time and the expectations of Internet users.

So we’re a far cry from aggressive flashing banners. Today, we prefer to use minimalist, dynamic banners that meet consumers’ needs.

Indeed, since the emergence of data, it has become possible to offer personalized advertising messages related to the research and activities of its targets. The aim here is to create scenarios (remarketing) in order to respond precisely to the Internet user’s needs (whether formulated or not). So, depending on the type of customer (prospect, person who has visited your site, customer…) and their progress along the purchasing path (simple visit to the site, placed in the shopping cart without purchase, recent purchase…), you’ll offer them a different message on your affiliate partners’ sites.

Note: this advice also applies to emailing which can be a powerful business lever if used properly.


Choosing the right affiliate and the right compensation: the key to attracting new customers

Once you’ve chosen the affiliate levers you’re interested in, it’s time to think about the choice of affiliate and the remuneration linked to your program.

As far as affiliates are concerned, we obviously recommend that you work with partners with a good reputation in their sector. But not only ! Because it is also necessary tostudy the site’s or influencer’s visitor database. The aim is to precisely target the desired audience according to your initial objectives, while ensuring that your message is as effective as possible in meeting the needs and desires of your targets.

When it comes to remuneration methods, many advertisers and affiliates offer to set up a pay-per-click (Cost per Click). However, this is not the only remuneration method available. In fact, you can use a CPA remuneration (Cost per Share), CPL (Cost per Lead) or CPM (Cost per Mile). For some programs, it’s even possible to combine several.


Don’t forget to challenge your affiliates during the sales period

During the commercial high points of the year, it’s important to make your partners want to put you ahead of your competitors. To do this, you can animate your program and challenge your affiliates by proposing higher commissions or various rewards for the best affiliates during this sales period.

While it’s a good idea to keep your affiliate program up and running as regularly as possible, it’s particularly important during the sales period. Because by motivating your sales partners, you’ll make them want to push your referrals in order to increase their commissions. It’s a win-win situation!


To find out more, the experts at the Casaneo affiliation platform are on hand to help you choose the right acquisition levers, the right affiliates and the right remuneration method. Our goal: help you boost your sales by attracting as many customers as possible during the 2023 winter sales.


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