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5 criteria for choosing your affiliate platform

Like many businesses (and no doubt your competitors), you’ve decided to get into affiliate marketing. Indeed, you like the notion of pay-for-performance. And so you also want to improve your sales and/or your visibility through this very powerful business lever.

To achieve your goals, we advise you to opt for an affiliation platform that meets your expectations. We offer you 5 criteria to know to be sure to make the right choice.

The affiliate network

The purpose of affiliate platforms is to connect advertisers/affiliates and publishers/affiliates. Thus, the affiliate network is one of the most important criteria when we talk about affiliation.

The goal for an advertiser is to be able to broadcast its promotional message on sites with high added value . In other words, sites with many unique visitors and specialized in the desired sectors.

Why ? Because, as with all marketing actions, targeting the wrong people is useless. On the contrary even: it will serve you since in addition to paying for nothing (especially if you opt for CPC), you will appear on sometimes unsavory sites.

Thus, your affiliate platform must offer a specific affiliate network corresponding to the desired targets.

For example, at Casaneo, we have chosen to offer an affiliate platform specializing in the fashion and home sectors . What allows us to obtain excellent results on these sectors only by placing at the disposal of the advertisers of big names of these fields.

The reliability of the affiliate platform

The reliability of an affiliate platform applies above all to affiliates. Indeed, providing space to advertisers for affiliate marketing is a good thing. Provided you receive the associated commissions .

By carrying out the steps yourself or going through unreliable affiliate platforms, you sometimes have to fight to recover your commissions. In most cases, this commission problem is due to poor tracking.

Thus, by opting from the start for a reliable and transparent platform , offering efficient and easy-to-implement tracking tools, affiliates and affiliators save time… and money.

The cost of setting up and operating the affiliate platform

When we talk about affiliation and campaign costs, we immediately think of commissions . Indeed, because affiliation is a performance marketing tool, you are aware that each action of Internet users triggers the payment of a commission. This is also why it is important to choose the desired cost (CPC, CPA, CPL, etc.).

But that’s not all. Because some affiliate platforms offer entry prices (setup fees). To this, we must add subscription formulas that vary enormously depending on the platforms and formulas.

Good to know: at Casaneo, we have chosen not to charge you any setup or subscription fees. You can activate and pause your campaigns whenever you want and at no additional cost.

Affiliate platform and brand image

The brand image is linked to the affiliate network. Indeed, an affiliate can choose the ads offered by the platforms. An advertiser, meanwhile, can choose the sites on which he wants to appear. But this is particularly time-consuming. Thus, the purpose of going through an affiliate platform is to be able to automate the process . But that shouldn’t hurt you.

An affiliate must, in fact, promote products or services that meet certain quality criteria . At the risk of losing credibility with its audience.

An advertiser, on the other hand, must appear on the right sites . In order to avoid, too, to lose credibility. An advertisement that is displayed on a site that is totally irrelevant or of low quality can severely tarnish your brand image.

This is why it is rather advisable to favor specialized platforms with an affinity affiliate network (therefore handpicked) and paying attention to advertisers’ messages. If in addition, it offers specialized audience segments , that’s even better. Therefore, opting for an affiliation platform with a team in charge, able to answer your questions if necessary, is an obligation in our opinion.

Administrative management of the affiliate platform

Finally, as a trusted third party, an affiliate platform must have all the tools to allow affiliators and affiliates to be able, for some, to optimize the performance of their campaigns and for others to recover their commission without delay.

Thus, to begin with, the interface must be as clear as possible and it must be possible to have someone to contact for assistance . In addition, this same interface must offer statistics that are as detailed as possible. This is, in fact, necessary to optimize its campaigns and to offer effective ads. This is ultimately as important for advertisers (a successful campaign is a campaign with an excellent ROI) as for publisher sites (offering quality ads is appreciated by users).

In addition, a good affiliate platform is a platform with powerful tracking tools . It is, in fact, the latter, which support each action related to the ads. This generates, for the advertiser, interesting data on the operation and performance of their promotional messages. And to the affiliates information to know precisely the amount of the generated commissions.

If, in addition, the platform can manage all the payment and invoicing part , it is even better.

Want to know more about the Casaneo concept? Do not hesitate to contact us and test our tools. As we said before, you do not pay any entry fees or subscription formula.


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