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All the tips for a successful affiliate strategy

In an affiliate campaign, there is the affiliator and the affiliate . The first (the advertiser) wishes to promote its products and services by placing a link on the site of the second (the publisher). For some sites, affiliation can generate an interesting income. For others, on the other hand, it is difficult to make money thanks to this technique.

We give you some tips to better understand and succeed in your affiliate strategy .

Create a remunerative site

The first thing to know when you embark on an affiliate strategy is that you must have the soil to generate a decent income . And that requires a well-built site with good traffic .

Indeed, by doing a simple mathematical calculation, you realize that the more unique visitors you have, the more likely it is that one or more Internet users will click on your links in order to perform the desired action.

So, before thinking about affiliation, arrange to increase your site traffic by any means necessary (SEO, for example, or SEA).

Take an interest in the shape and the associated transformation rate

Once you have a loyal audience and significant, consistent traffic, you can think about your affiliate strategy.

Several choices are available to you. You can, for example, create:

  • A banner ad;
  • Text links;
  • Images ;
  • A newsletter;

It is also very important to carefully negotiate the method of remuneration . Here are the main ones:

  • Billing fee;
  • Pay per click or double click;
  • Sales compensation;
  • Remuneration on the form.

The more important your site is in your market, the easier it will be for you to negotiate the compensation and commission that suits you . As a general rule, although some affiliators advertise a remuneration of up to 70% (this is the case with certain well-known platforms), this is more often between 1 and 20%.

In addition, you should know that the conversion rate to transform a visitor to your site into a buyer at the affiliator is 1% maximum .

This gives you an idea of how many people you need to target for your program to be profitable.

Be honest with your users

The most important thing for your affiliate strategy and the credibility of your site: always remain transparent with your audience .

For example, let’s say you have an online clothing store. You’re not going to affiliate for high-tech or stationery. Only choose products that are related to the theme of your site or blog.

In addition, always test the products and services that you present to your visitors . It only takes one disappointed person to scratch your image if you haven’t taken the time to find out beforehand about what you have advised.

Finally, like many publisher sites, specify whether a text is a sponsored article . This is to warn your audience.

Obviously, like all marketing strategies, we recommend that you evaluate your results and readjust your actions if necessary . If you follow these few tips, you have all the keys to generating regular income through your affiliate program.


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