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Attracting new customers through affiliation

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As you probably know if you’re interested in affiliation, this business lever is based on the principle of performance-based marketing. This offers companies the advantage of paying only for the results they achieve.

By leveraging the reputation of your affiliate partners, you can develop your communication and reach out to new customers and prospects.

Want to know more? Just the thing: that’s the subject of our article.


Finding the right affiliate partners

Attract new customers and sell your products and services through affiliation, choose the right partners. They will be in charge of promoting your offer to their users. So you need to be sure they can do it effectively. In addition, you must make sure that the targets match.

To achieve this, it’s important to to know both your targets (thanks to an in-depth marketing persona ) and the type of affiliate you’re interested in.

Some will be more closely linked to an objective of improving sales (we’re thinking in particular of cashback sites and coupon codes), while others are highly effective if you have an objective of increasing visibility.

By using the right channels and partners, you increase your chances ofattract the right target, and therefore qualified customers.


Multiply affiliate types and affiliate campaigns

Today, there are many different types of affiliate. In the early days of affiliation, banners were the mainstay. Today, although the display is still very successful, it is possible to take advantage of new types of affiliates. Which gives you just as many business levers.

Cashback and coupons to boost your sales

We’ve already mentioned cashback and coupon sites which are very popular with customers looking to save money. Here are some examples a few figures that may encourage you to take an interest in the subject:

  • 71% of e-tailers consider cashback to be an effective tool for acquiring and retaining customers;
  • 63% of people who use cashback discover new sites thanks to this system.

If you want to improve your sales, cashback is an indispensable affiliate.


It’s hard to ignore influencers. For brands, it’s an ideal way of reaching out to new customers while developing their communications. By giving a well-known figure in your sector the opportunity to talk about your offer, you’ll attract new qualified customers and prospects.


Not to mention remarketing which offers you the possibility of remarketing to people who have shown an interest in your brand. emailers or even white-label affiliation.

But be careful not to spread yourself too thin if you don’t have the resources to monitor and optimize your affiliate campaigns and programs.


Animate your affiliate programs

A motivated affiliate is a successful affiliate. To this end, we recommend that advertisersanimate their campaigns as much as possible.

This involves, for example boosting remuneration for the duration of a challenge (this is often the case during commercial high points such as the end-of-year holidays). During a defined period, remuneration can evolve and become much more attractive. This encourages your affiliates to redouble their efforts in the hope of earning more money.

Please note: campaign animation can take many forms. Still on the subject of remuneration, it is possible, for the duration of an event, to propose new remuneration methods by adding to a CPA or CPC model, for example. Some brands also offer the option of win gifts of different kinds. In all cases, the aim is to inspire your partners to improve their results.


Monitor the performance of your affiliate partners

Speaking of affiliate campaign management, it is obviously important to monitor the performance of each partner. This is also part of the animation, as it is necessary to regularly contact each affiliate with whom you have a contract.

The aim is to identify any difficulties encountered. You can also ask for their feedback on your affiliate programs and how to improve them.

Good to know: it’s just as important to talk regularly with your best affiliates as with those who are struggling to achieve interesting results. The former need to feel important enough to avoid going elsewhere (or even working for competitors), while the latter may need a little help to set up a successful collaboration.

It’s up to you to decide how much time you want to devote to this activity.

In all cases, you’ll need a tracking tool sophisticated enough to accurately record every result. This is the sine qua non for a smooth collaboration. It’s also essential for monitor and optimize your campaigns.


Using an affiliation platform

One last thing: because affiliate marketing is a time-consuming business (and one that is still little-known in France), it may be worthwhile to enlist the help of specialists. This is the the role of the affiliation platform, which acts as an intermediary between an advertiser and an affiliate.

Offering many advantages including sharing a tracking linklink, detailed detailed campaign statistics or the possibility of to be accompanied by an expertAffiliation platforms are the best way to attract new customers in a simple, recurring way.

Of course, if you’d like to find out more, Casaneo’s specialists are on hand to answer your questions and help you get to grips with the finer points of affiliation. Please contact us.

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