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Creating an affiliate kit to boost your affiliate sales: our tips

créer un kit affilié

As an advertiser, you need to provide your affiliate partners with the information they need to communicate your commercial offer. This is the affiliate kit. This will help you attract new customers.


We tell you everything you need to know about this important tool for mastering your affiliate marketing communications.


The text link

This is the basis of any affiliate kit: the link to your site.

In fact, to enable your affiliate partner to know where to point, you need to provide him with this information by offering him a tracking link (it’s up to you to decide on the landing page).

By doing so, the affiliate can insert it in all his publications (advertorial, email, video on a social network, etc.).

You can supply as many as you like. If you offer several, don’t hesitate to prioritize them to give your affiliate as many indications as necessary, or ask him to place them all within the publications.

Please note: it is of course necessary to track the performance of the links to remunerate each affiliate according to their results.

The affiliate can change the link title if he wishes. However, insist on leaving the link itself untouched and highlighting it within the publication.


The advertising banner

Second element of your affiliate kit: the advertising banner. Classic, yes, but still effective, the advertising banner is still a popular a communication medium widely used by advertisers.

Be careful, however, to propose a banner that is both sober and legible.

Please note: affiliates appreciate banner advertising because it’s very easy to set up on their site. The advantage for the affiliate is that he doesn’t have to work on creating the advertising banner. The advertiser provides the appropriate promotional element, and the affiliate places it on an available space. Once you’ve created it, all you have to do is give him the code and he can insert it wherever he likes. Simple, fast and potentially lucrative for him.

For the advertiser, on the other hand, you’ll need to think about the banner format, the associated advertising message and the call-to-actions to make users want to click.

For the format, you can opt for vertical, horizontal or square banners of various sizes. However, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), which recommend the following banner formats:

  • Classic banner: 468 x 60 px ;
  • Vertical skyscraper: 120 x 600 px ;
  • Large vertical skyscraper: 160 x 600 px ;
  • Mega banner or large banner: 728 x 60 px ;
  • Keypad: 300 x 250 px.

These can be JPG (still image) GIF (animated banner) or HTML 5 banners banners (known as responsive banners).

In all cases, although the banner should catch the eye, be minimalist and pay as much attention to your commercial message as to your call-to-action. In other words, be simple and efficient.

The personalized ebook

Here’s another game-changing element you can incorporate into your affiliate kit: a personalized ebook.

Unlike an ebook that you offer on your site, the aim of this ebook is to involve your affiliate. Of course, it’s up to you to write it. However, you can ask your affiliate to add a testimonial, or even make it evolve according to his or her wishes, in order to provide a communication medium that’s as unique as possible.

Your objective, in this case, will be to to provide the basis of the ebook with all the sales arguments and then allow your affiliate to customize it as they see fit.

It goes without saying, your ebook must be interesting and make people want to share it. The aim is to provide your targets with as much information as possible (for example, shopping tips during sales periods). Then it’s up to you to insert your affiliate links in strategic places to encourage clicks and increase CTR.

The advantage of a personalized ebook: make your affiliate want to share something they’ve helped to create, so as to have a greater impact on their audience, who will be more likely to follow their recommendations. impact on your audience, who will be more likely to follow your recommendations (the word-of-mouth principle).


The last important element of your affiliate kit : the personalized email.

Your goal as an advertiser is to provide a framework for your affiliate to add his or her own personal touch in order to capture the attention of his or her audience.

In this way, you can propose a complete scenario that takes into account the expectations and desires of its users, as well as the interest interest in the message.. This means, in other words, that you can propose a basic message which will then evolve to target, on the one hand, people who have opened it without clicking on the call-to-action proposed within it and, on the other, those who haven’t (yet) shown any interest.

Please note: just because an affiliate partner doesn’t know about your offer doesn’t mean you can’t offer to share a personalized email. In this case, you’ll need to spin the message differently to integrate this notion of discovery.

In any case, you’ve understood that to ensure the success of your affiliate kit and therefore increase your sales, it’s necessary toinvolve your partner in the creation process. The aim is to give him the opportunity to personalize the communication elements sent, adapting them if necessary.

Of course, if you need any help, Casaneo’s affiliate specialists can offer you their expertise in creating affiliate kits to boost both your visibility and your sales through affiliation. Contact us to find out more!


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