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Display is the original form of affiliation. Indeed, in its early days, affiliation (which, we remind you, consists in establishing a partnership between an advertiser and an affiliate) only used this type of advertising. Then, thanks to the evolution of technology, advertisers began to take advantage of new acquisition levers linked to affiliation.

In this article, we’re going to take a special look at displays, which despite their age still deserve a great deal of attention.


What is display advertising?

When you ask many specialists, most will tell you that display is equivalent to banner advertising. That’s right. But display also means advertising block (a small box) orsite wrapping (what surrounds the site content during promotional events).

In practice, display advertising refers to graphic advertisements displayed on websites. This term has been used to differentiate this type of ad from SEA-type advertising elements (Google Ads also offers display ads on its partner network).

Of course, display evolves in line with consumer expectations and advances in web technology. Today, we also offer video display, the mobile display or tablet display.

To put it simply: affiliate display refers to all the graphic advertising you display on your affiliate partners’ sites.

Namely: when it comes to mobile advertising, this format is regulated by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and imposes, for banners, a maximum size of 300 x 75 pixels (480 x 120 pixels according to the Mobile Marketing Association) and a maximum weight of 5 Kb (7.5 Kb according to the Mobile Marketing Association for a GIF).


Why use display advertising?

Display’s first advantage: it catches the web user’s eye. In fact, these banners are usually placed in strategic locations. This is all the more true in the case of site wrapping displays, which take up a large part of the space. Beware, however, of flashing advertisements, which were commonplace in the 90s. Today, the tendency is to use more minimalist visuals.

Another advantage of display : hyper-personalized ads that can be easily integrated into different scenarios. In other words, you can easily target your prospect and customer profiles with a message tailored to both their expectations and their position in the conversion tunnel. Depending on their action, you can offer them a new message, and so on until the final conversion. By the wayThe banner is most often distributed via RTB / programmatic.

A final advantage: affiliate display advertising can be adapted to different objectives. In fact, it can be used to improve visibility and generate qualified traffic, increase sales.


Disadvantages of display advertising

Display suffers enormously from the use of blockers by Internet users. So, unlike native advertising, which is completely integrated into the affiliate partner’s editorial line (and therefore passes through this type of software), display advertising will be blocked. To this we add a certain Internet users’ distrust of, or even total indifference to, this type of promotional message.

Not to mention that display is also subject to fraud and distorted statistics. This can have a greater or lesser impact on the profitability of your campaign. That’s why more and more advertisers are turning to the double-click payment and/or rely on reputable affiliate platforms (such as ours).


Tips for using affiliate displays effectively

Would you like to activate the display lever in your affiliation campaign? In this case, we recommend think about your target audience and the message you want to convey. Because display advertising suffers from some serious drawbacks (mainly due to ad blockers), it is necessary to create high-quality advertising messages that make people want to click.

Namely: today, video is a display format that is booming (in fact, it’s the one driving the current market).

At the same time, start thinking about your campaign scenarios. A web surfer in the research phase will not want the same thing as a web surfer in the purchase phase. In the first case, a banner pointing to a shopping guide will be very effective. In the latter case, there’s nothing better than a coupon code or notification that the desired product is in stock in a nearby store (web-to-store strategy).

That’s why we recommend setting up an optimized optimized landing page to welcome your visitors. To this end, avoid using your home page as a landing page. The reason: home is a general page that doesn’t offer any specific answers. And the Internet user who clicks on your display ad must get the desired element immediately. Otherwise, he’ll look elsewhere.

Finally, don’t hesitate to use A/B testing to optimize your display campaigns. Based on your results, you’ll be able to identify which affiliate partners are underperforming. This will undoubtedly encourage you to animate your program, evolve your communication or put an end to the collaboration.


Benefit from the expertise of an affiliation platform to create and optimize your display campaigns

In affiliate marketing, it’s very important to track the results of your affiliate partners in order to pay them what they’re worth, avoid fraud and optimize your campaigns . To do this, it’s essential to understand affiliate marketing remuneration methods.

There’s nothing better than an affiliation platform like ours. Because we’ve chosen to focus primarily on the fashion and home sectors, you can be sure of maximum reach if you’re involved in either.

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