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How do you create an effective emailing campaign?

Emailing is still an interesting channel for converting prospects into customers convert prospects into customers, or build loyalty among existing customers.

Moreover, various studies on emailing indicate :

  • ROI of 28.5%;
  • An average opening rate of 17.8%;
  • A click-through rate of 4.3%;
  • A conversion rate of 1.22%.

Obviously, this means knowing the best emailing practices. That’s the subject of our article.

Building a qualified database

It’s a fact: the RGPD has forced email marketing professionals to change the way they collect contacts. Today, it is it is mandatory to have the person’s consent to send them an email (known as opt-in contacts).

Thus, since the introduction of the RGPD, it has become essential to build up a contact list ready to receive emails from you.

Therefore, rather than buying unqualified email lists, we advise you tointegrate a form on your site or content leading to a
landing page
with this objective.

As a bonus, this will lead to better results in terms of open rate, click-through rate and deliverability (i.e. spamming).

Define precise objectives

As with all marketing campaigns, you need to think about a precise objective for your email campaign. Is it :

  • To drive traffic to your site?
  • To boost your sales by showcasing your catalog or new releases?
  • To work on your branding?
  • To attract new targets?

In all cases, defining your objective precisely will enable you to target the right person with the right message and avoid wasting your time on emails that aren’t productive at all.

Create a genuine targeting strategy

For your emailing to be effective, you need to
know your target audience
so you can send them the right message at the right time.

To achieve this, it is highly recommended to establish marketing personas of your prospects or customers. This will enable you to draw up accurate profiles and find out what they’re looking for, while taking an interest in their expectations.

Obviously, to send targeted emails, you’ll need to segment your database. This segmentation can take place at several levels:

  • Personal data (geographical location, gender, age, etc.) ;
  • Consumption and boating habits ;
  • Existing customer or prospect ;
  • Maturity and position within the conversion tunnel: you don’t address a prospect in the research phase in the same way as someone in the buying phase.

Don’t forget to send responsive emails

Today, an Internet user can read an email on his or her computer (with screens of different sizes), smartphone or tablet.

For this reason, it is important to think about the graphic charter for your emails by taking an interest in :

  • The layout of each element ;
  • The presence of Call To Action (CTA) ;
  • How easy it is to read your email;
  • Etc.

But also, and above all responsive side of your email. In other words, you need to be sure that all the elements of your e-mail display well on all types of screen, from the smallest to the largest. This applies equally to text, graphics and CTAs.

Delivering to the right person at the right time

Now that we’ve talked about the form of emailing, let’s get down to the details. Today’s web users receive a certain number of emails a day. And it’s easy to fall into spam if you misuse this channel.

So.., a good email needs to be worked on even before it’s openedat the :

  • From sender’s name Avoid “contact@….” and prefer senders with a real identity (preferably not invented);
  • From theobject clear, short and honest;
  • From pre-header This line corresponds to the beginning of your email. You need to use this preview to your advantage to make your contact want to open your email;
  • From sending date It’s up to you to test to see when your targets are most receptive.

Once your contact has opened your email, you need to make them want to read it. So, to avoid getting spammed, you need to keep the promise made in the subject line. Your email must therefore concern your contact and provide the answer to what he’s looking for, when he’s looking for it.

For example:

  • A shopping guide during the search phase;
  • A promo code or a coupon for free delivery at the checkout stage ;
  • A interesting content adapted to the needs and desires of your target audience.

As a bonus, feel free to add images and videos or even emojis (without abuse, of course).

Analyze and optimize your campaign results

Finally, a good
emailing campaign
must be continuously analyzed and optimized.

To begin with, don’t hesitate to make maximum use of A/B testing by establishing measurable comparisons between your different emails and observing the results.

For example, you can target the same audience with two different messages, or use the same message on two different audiences or at different times.

The aim is to fine-tune your campaign over time to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Need help creating and managing your email campaigns? The teams
are at your disposal to support you and advise you on how to useuse this high-performance channel to its full potential.


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