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How to choose the product to promote as an affiliate?


In this article, we will focus on the affiliate and the right product choice. If you hesitate to test the affiliation or if you wish improve your income by using this type of solution , the following advice is for you.

You surely know it: an affiliation program is a partnership between an affiliator (the advertiser) and an affiliate (the one who communicates on the advertiser’s offer).

The product to be sold in affiliation

To start, you have to look at the product. Indeed, as an affiliate, you must be sure to offer your users a quality product, capable of satisfying them. Especially if you are an influencer and you put your credibility at stake since, in this case, Promoting a poor quality reference can severely impact your brand image .

So, before you start promoting a product, find out what consumers are saying about it by looking for their opinions on the internet.. You can look on social networks, forums and possible consumer sites. To do this, just type the name of the product in the search engines . If you can’t find anything conclusive, add the term “review”, “comment” or “testimonial”. To be sure that you are dealing with a quality product, do not hesitate to also add the term “scam”.

Namely: some brands use SEO to eliminate any bad buzz. To check the quality of a product, it is therefore necessary go beyond the first search results .

Also find out about the popularity of the product by being able, if possible, to obtain sales statistics and the reimbursement rate (which is less than 5% for high quality products).

The Affiliate Program

Now that you know you’re dealing with a quality product, it’s time to get down to business with the affiliate program .

You then have two choices:

  • You negotiate directly with the advertiser;
  • You are in contact with an affiliate platform that manages the programs of its customers.

In any case, to be sure of being paid according to your results, it is necessary to take an interest in several important criteria, including, of course, the commission .

The questions to ask are:

  • How is the amount of commissions calculated (CPC, CPA, etc.)?
  • What tracking technology is used?
  • From what amount of commission are you paid?
  • How and when can you get your commissions back?
  • Do you have someone to contact in case of need?

The goal is to estimate the reliability of the program and therefore the possibility of being paid at your fair value. To do so, you need to find out about the affiliate link. Indeed, it is this link and the associated tracking that will give rise to the appropriate commission. The advertiser or platform must be able to track the sales or clicks generated by all links from all of its affiliates. In addition, in the event that you are paid at the CPA, you must be sure that all payment methods are taken into account.

What about, for example, a person who discovered the advertiser’s site thanks to you, but who then ordered by telephone or who preferred to go to the store to pay in cash or by cheque?

To sum up: find out as much about the commission as about the tracking tool .


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Advertiser’s website

After learning about the product and the affiliate program, do not forget to also consult the advertiser’s site. Indeed, if the product is good, the affiliate program interesting, but the site is not technically optimized, customers may not complete their purchase ( understand the customer journey ).

In this case, do not hesitate to test the quality of the sales pages by transforming you, for the occasion, into a customer. You will thus be able to take note of the progress while checking that the site is operational and offers a satisfactory customer experience .

Consider both the strengths of the site and any barriers. This can be a technical problem (pages that take time to display, unsecured site, labyrinthine tree structure, etc.) or problems related to the purchase process (prohibitive delivery costs, no choice in the method of payment, etc.). ).

It will be necessary to analyze each page carefully to ensure that you are not blocked because of a poorly configured sales space.

The little extras that make the difference

After being interested in the points mentioned above, you have all the keys to know if the program can bring you money. However, it is possible to go even further by asking yourself about:

  • Animation of the program;
  • The promotional tools provided by the advertiser;
  • The little extras offered by the seller to his customers to improve the conversion rate.

Regarding animation, some advertisers do not hesitate to offer challenges and challenges to their affiliates. This allows them to boost product promotion. On your side, this allows you to win interesting gifts or improve your earnings over a defined period (usually during high commercial times).

As such, do you know if the advertiser offers its affiliates promotional tools or if you have to create your sales pitch yourself? As an affiliate, the more elements you have to share with your users, the easier it will be to communicate on them precisely , and therefore to earn commissions.

Finally, we mentioned in the previous paragraph the sales process that must meet the needs and requirements of customers. It’s a BA.BA. But what should interest you are the elements put in place by the merchant to make life easier for its customers. We are thinking, for example, of the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

Obviously, if necessary, the Casaneo teams are at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you. Provided you want to work in the fashion and home sectors.

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