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How to boost your conversion rate through affiliation?

Affiliate marketing is a channel that is gaining in popularity year after year. Highly appreciated in the USA, we observe that more and more French companies are interested in it. Indeed, based on a win-win system, This commercial partnership between an advertiser and an affiliate can be adapted to all stages of the conversion tunnel.

In this article, we will focus on the use of affiliation to bring back to your site people who have shown interest in your offer.


Why should you be interested in affiliate marketing to improve your conversion rate?

If you have an e-commerce site, you probably know that visitors have a tendency to put products in the shopping cart without completing the purchase process. According to the studies on the subject, it appears that this concerns more than 70% of Internet users.

This can also include making an appointment, downloading a white paper, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. Statistics show thatan average conversion rate is between 1% and 10%.

In any case, you should know that there are many solutions to improve your conversion rate. Of which theaffiliation.

Indeed, this business lever can be used at many stages of your conversion tunnel:

  • At top of the tunnel by attracting new visitors to your site;
  • At middle of the tunnel by converting the visitor more easily into a lead in order to turn him into a customer;
  • In end of the tunnel.

Here, as you can see, we will focus on the middle of the tunnel which is the most critical phase. The purpose of affiliation at this level: make people who were interested in you the first time want to come back by reassuring them or by offering them a little something to encourage them to complete the action they have started.

By offering a personalized message that precisely meets the needs of your visitors and prospects, you will see that affiliation is a very effective marketing channel.


How can affiliate marketing help you bring prospects back to your site?

Before anything else, you need to identify the blocking points on your site. Indeed, if you don’t offer your visitors all the information they are looking for, they will tend to look elsewhere. Make sure that your site is technically perfect, secure and that you offer the appropriate reassurance elements.

Once this initial verification is done, you can set up specific affiliate campaigns specific affiliate campaigns targeting people who have already shown an interest in your site. This is important, because the message will be adapted to your targets and their progress in the conversion tunnel. As you know, people talk differently to someone who doesn’t know you, to a prospect who has already inquired about your business and to a loyal customer.

The easiest way to do this is to use retargeting or remarketing which consists, in both cases, in targeting people who have shown interest in your site.

With retargeting, you can offer users who have already visited your site display ads on the sites of your affiliate partners. The advantage is that you can choose precisely the themes of the sites on which you want to appear.

This is also the case for remarketing but in a broader sense. In fact, this term is used to evoke the sharing of targeted ads on a wide range of channels (email marketing, Google Ads…).

In fact, these two concepts both refer to retargeting of visitors to your site. However, we tend to talk about retargeting to refer to the conversion of your visitors and remarketing to refer to your qualified customers and prospects.


Casaneo: the affiliation platform that helps you set up your campaigns

There are many ways toincrease the conversion rate of your site using affiliation. In case some people have already come to your site without taking the desired action, you have already started a relationship with them. It is therefore important to finalize it with precise techniques based on advanced and customized scenarios.

That being said, you may also want to aim wider by acting at the customer acquisition stage. This can be done, in affiliation, through :

  • To the sites of coupon codes if you have an e-commerce space: by targeting people who have never ordered from you, you can make them want to start or complete a purchase;
  • At social networks and influencers which can bring a gain of visibility to your offer (you have to target a precise user profile);
  • Textual content in the form of advertorial.

In order to choose the right device and set up personalized and efficient scenarios, you can be accompanied by an affiliation platform such as ours. Indeed, we offer you a personalized support as well as many tools to easily manage your campaigns on a daily basis (tracking tool, dedicated interface…).

If you work in the fashion and home sectors, we are your privileged contact. Contact us and take advantage of our affinity network without delay.


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