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How to integrate influencer marketing into affiliate marketing?

Influencer marketing is occupying more and more space in the digital marketing sphere. Nothing surprising in this in the era of the hyper-connected cybershopper, eager for advice and prescriptions before any purchase. The importance of this lever no longer needs to be proven, more and more brands are now integrating it into their digital strategy plan.

However, if many agencies have specialized in this single lever, it is quite possible for advertisers who have already activated the affiliation lever, to integrate that of influence into their program. Affiliate platforms bring together a large number of influencers within their affiliate network and offer anyone wishing to test the performance of influence a formidable field of experience. Here are some quick tips for enabling influencer marketing in your affiliate program.

The winning strategy: the long tail!


While most brands will initially tend to turn to “star” influencers, i.e. those with strong notoriety, remember that they are also the most expensive and the most difficult. to reach. On the other hand, if the craze for influencer marketing continues to grow (and all the studies tend to show it!), it might be reasonable to think that the big names of today will not necessarily be tomorrow.

A good strategy would therefore be to focus on the “future greats of tomorrow” who are more accessible because they are less in demand. These influencers certainly have a smaller audience, but with which they maintain more intimate and privileged relationships. Your messages will only be better conveyed. It will also be easier for you as advertisers to build a relationship based on trust and loyalty by addressing this type of influencer. And as their audience grows, they’re likely to remember that you trusted them from the start.

Affiliate networks are the perfect ground to work with these influencers. You can start by identifying those who spontaneously signed up for your program since it is a sign that they are already familiar with your brand. Also pay attention to those who are already driving traffic to your site – no matter how small. Then look at the social networks and blogs of these influencers and focus specifically on the level of engagement of their audience.

Once you’ve established a list of influencers relevant to your brand, it’s time to reach out to them. The best way to do this is to rely on the Account Manager in charge of your program. The latter is used to dealing with network affiliates and often maintains a privileged relationship with them. It also has their contact details and can therefore easily contact them and persuade them to collaborate with your brand.

Prepare specific materials.


Influencers need specific media to promote your brand. So remember to provide them with an “influencer pack” in which they can find a presentation of your company, its news and its products. Also include a calendar of upcoming events (special promotions, flash sales, new product launches, etc.). Do not be afraid, however, of forgetting certain elements, it is also the role of your Account Manager to help you design the most relevant and effective media.

If you have time and resources, do not hesitate to organize a meeting workshop in collaboration with your affiliate platform. In this way, influencers will get to know you better and you will have a great opportunity to build privileged relationships with them.

Plan a specific budget


The biggest mistake brands make when they want to work with influencers through the affiliate channel is thinking that they will settle for a commission on the sales or leads they generate (CPA or CPL). Don’t forget that influencers are at the beginning of the conversion funnel and that, even with an attribution model defined upstream, their remuneration will remain relatively low and uncertain. It is therefore necessary to provide specific budgets for this lever.


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