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Recruiting affiliates to develop your affiliate program: solutions

An affiliate program is the meeting between an advertiser who wishes to communicate on a specific offer and an affiliate who will promote it to his users.

It goes without saying, then, that a successful affiliate program requires careful and precise selection of affiliates.

Discover our tips for develop your affiliate program by recruiting the right affiliates.


Create a dedicated page on your website

Before you even think about recruiting new affiliates, we recommend that you Create a specific page explaining precisely the conditions and benefits of your affiliate program.

This page can even serve as a landing-page for your future ads (on Google Ads, for example).

Be as specific as possible and answer all questions from your affiliates. This is to ensure that they have all the keys to launch their business with complete peace of mind.

As a bonus, place a link in the footer of your site for easy access.


Select the right type of affiliates

This is, in our opinion, the most important advice: it is necessary to select the right type of affiliate with the right compensation.

Here is the list of all affiliates:

  • Bloggers and influencers;
  • Affinity sites;
  • Promo code and cashback sites;
  • Adtech companies (retargeting; pre-targeting, on-site re-engagement, etc.)
  • Price comparison and shopping guides;
  • Emailers;
  • Sub-affiliate networks;
  • Keyworders.

Depending on your initial objective (gaining visibility or increasing sales), you will select different types of affiliates. It is then up to you to recruit affiliates interested in your program.

To know: once recruited, you must not forget toand challenge your partners to motivate them.


Take care of your customer relationship

What if your customers helped you recruit your affiliates? How do you do it? By taking into account their consumption and browsing habits. In effect, by taking an interest in your customers, you will know where and when to contact them. This will help you in the recruitment of your affiliates.

Note: Don’t hesitate to to create marketing personas of your targets that you can complete and/or modify over time according to the results obtained.


Look at your competitors

Did you know that your competitors can also be real gold mines for the optimization of your marketing campaigns? Indeed, you can use their actions as inspiration for your strategy.

And that goes for your affiliate campaigns too. So don’t hesitate to scrutinize the actions of your competitors in affiliation and contact, in turn, the same affiliates who may be interested in your products.

Note: you can even be aggressive by offering a more attractive more interesting affiliate program. This will ultimately motivate your affiliate to promote your brand.


Use search engines to find your affiliates

It is well known: search engines have the answer to everything. In doing so, it is possible to recruiting affiliates relevant to your business through Google or Bing.

To do this, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and do a search using keywords that they can type in the field provided for this purpose.

For example: “product” review or “product” comparison.

You will then be presented with a list of sites that will be potential candidates for your affiliate program. All you have to do is contact them and talk to them.


In addition to all the solutions described above, we recommend that you also carry out the advertising your affiliate program.

This can be done in different ways:

  • You can talk about your program on your social networks ;
  • You can use the databases of qualified prospects of partners emailers ;
  • You can publish your affiliate program on directories or forums specialized in affiliation and online advertising;
  • You can also use Adwords to promote your affiliate program (provided you have a certain budget).
  • You can use an affiliation platform like Casaneo, which will promote your program to its network of affiliates.

Not forgetting to set up a referral program to encourage your current affiliates to join you.



The last possibility to recruit affiliates is to leave the virtual world for the physical one. Indeed, you can recruiting affiliate partners at trade shows and events dedicated to this practice (conferences for example). By interacting with the speakers and attendees, you will be able to describe your program and possibly find business partners.

In any case, the Casaneo teams are at your disposal to help you set up your affiliate program. Contact us if you are in the fashion and home industries.


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