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The impact of affiliation on your overall traffic

Affiliation is an excellent traffic acquisition lever. Provided, of course, that you know the best practices that will help you to improve the ROI of your campaigns.

Because, although affiliation is a performance-based marketing solutionas an advertiser, you need to work continuously on the
optimization of your campaigns
to boost their performance and ROI.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the link between between affiliation and traffic generation.


How can affiliation increase your traffic?

You probably know this, but it’s always worth pointing it out: affiliation is a commercial a commercial partnership between an advertiser wishing to promote a product, service or site, and an affiliate who shares promotional messages in exchange for payment.

Yesterday, affiliation mainly took the form of banner advertising. Today, it’s possible to have recourse to
numerous formats
including video, messages on social networks, advertorials and cashback.

This is because it multiplies the points of contact with your potential targets (customers or prospects) that affiliation is an interesting way of boosting your traffic.


How can you measure the impact of affiliation on your overall traffic?

The easiest way to measure the impact of affiliation on your traffic is to allow an
affiliation platform
to handle your campaigns for you. This gives you access to precise data on your campaigns, which you can optimize according to your needs.

That said, when setting up an affiliate campaign with a traffic-generating objective, you need to take an interest in different criteria that will help you measure the results obtained.

Of course, it’s also worth taking into account the number of visits generated by your affiliate campaign. However, this criterion is not precise enough to be of interest. Because a visit isn’t necessarily a lead. It is therefore necessary to take a step back and take a look at the situation. get away from simple vanity measures that can interfere with your real results.


Tips for boosting your traffic through affiliation

Above all, you need to link traffic gain to a precise objective. Clearly, you don’t want more visits just to gain popularity. Your traffic gain must lead to a specific action by your visitors (purchase, newsletter subscription, download of a shopping guide or white paper, request for an appointment, etc.).

Your affiliation campaign must be designed with this precise objective in mind. This will enable you to focus on certain KPIs in particular, and use relevant traffic-generating levers. We recommend that you keep in mind the click-through rate (CTR), the cost per lead (CPL) and conversion rate of your affiliate campaigns. Not forgetting, of course, the ROI (Return on Investment) is the most important indicator of whether your campaign has been profitable or whether you need to optimize it.

However, the first step is to
choose the right affiliates
and design the right promotional message. Some affiliates are more effective at generating traffic, while others are valued for their ability, for example, to improve sales. For better traffic generation on your site, we recommend that you give priority to the display who, in addition to being the historical affiliate type, is very effective in this respect. You can also use the e-mailers, influencers, social networks and advertising copywriting.

Obviously, if your traffic gain is to lead to an increase in sales, price comparison price comparison, cashback or promo codes are still are still relevant.

In all cases, choose your affiliates carefully, so that you can promote them on sites related to your business. This is necessary to gain qualified traffic.


If required, Casaneo’s experts can help you to design and optimize your affiliation campaigns with a view to generating traffic. Because we have a ROI vision of this business lever, we are able to support you and help you implement the right actions taking into account both your objectives and your conversion tunnel. What’s more, when you use our affiliation platform, you benefit from a dedicated interface with detailed statistics and a sophisticated tracking tool (for optimum traceability of your campaigns).

Please note: we offer a affinity network in the fashion and home sectors. So if you’re in one of these two fields, we’re your best affiliate partner.


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