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Top 10 online cashback sites

The concept of cashback is increasingly popular with consumers. Thanks to online cashback, Internet users can get part of their money back with each purchase.

With the growing popularity of this technology, a number of sites have been set up with the aim of facilitating encounters between, on the one hand, advertisers wishing to offer on the one hand, advertisers wishing to offer interesting and, on the other Internet users looking for good deals. For the advertiser, don’t forget to
improve your profitability

There are many top sites on the web for consumers. In this article, we’ll take a look at cashback sites from the advertiser’s point of view.

Discover our top 10 online cashback sites for e-merchants.


Capital Koala

Many parents want to open a savings account for their children. But opening it is not enough: you have to feed it.

It was with this in mind that
Capital Koala
. The concept: when you enrol your children, you donate a percentage of each purchase (5% on average) into their savings account.

As a merchant, you pay a commission (between 1% and 20%) on every purchase made on your site by a customer who has used Capital Koala. It can also be a fixed reimbursement.

The site currently has over 6000 partners throughout France.



Another popular cashback site,
also boasts a extensive database (around 5,800 merchants in various categories).

In addition to exclusive offersit’s also possible to sponsor friends and family to benefit from higher earnings.

This is the key to eBuyClub’s success, and enables our partner merchant sites to to perform well. Without forgetting the 5% free on registration which encourages consumers to test the service with their favorite brand.



3rd site in our top :
. With its thousands of partner stores and the chance to earn 3€ on registrationPoulpeo is a site that can help you win a few more new customers.

Please note: Poulpeo also offers a sponsorship system as well as a loyalty program (Poulpeo+).



is one of France’s pioneers of cashback in France. In fact, the company claims to be No. 1 in this field (and No. 2 in Germany).

iGraal means 2,500 partner merchants and a user database of 7,000,000 Internet users.

Very easy to access, iGraal also offers a dedicated dedicated application and the ability to keep abreast of new promotions in real time.

This can help you, as an e-merchant, to reach new targets.



To use the Wanteedservice, you can use the site or install the the Chrome extension. The principle is the same as that of other cashback sites.

Created in 2015, Wanteed registered in 2018 more than 400,000 users.

As indicated on the site, for a partner merchant site, using Wanteed means benefiting from a conversion rate 2 to 3 higher conversion rate than a regular visitor to your site.



Since the creation of the site,
has recorded more than 2,000,000 in transactions per year and has a database of over 5000 partner merchant sites.

In addition to a sponsorship programit is possible for web users to take part in challenges and competitions linked to the loyalty program loyalty program.

Many categories are available to help you find new customers.



is the European cashback site that allows its users to shop in over 35,000 stores in Europe. In fact, the site is present in over 13 countries and boasts 8,000,000 active members.

Offers are classified into different categories, and are aimed at users with an average age average age between 20 and 65, interested in trends and promotions.

It’s the ideal site if you want to make your presence felt on a European scale.



is a French cashback platform created in 2015. The site offers a wide range of categories, including sponsoring acquaintances.

And don’t forget to install the extension on the browser.

Although Prescrit may not seem as important as other sites, as an advertiser you can try it out to enjoy greater visibility.



In addition to offering cashback like other sites, the concept of
concept is also based on videos and surveys to earn extra points. to earn extra points.

These points are then converted into vouchers at Swagbucks partner stores.

On its website, the company explains that it has excellent media coverage (especially American). That’s why it’s worth trying out this service to boost your visibility and sales.



French site belonging to the Bilendi group,
emphasizes that it does not send commercial e-mails to its users, nor does it sell or rent its database.. With the RGPD, this is an excellent thing. What’s more, Fabuleos offers those who want to donate profits to charities.

The site doesn’t disclose the number of users, but it does offer a wide range of categories. This makes it easier for consumers to find vouchers, and can improve your visibility as a partner merchant.


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