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What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

More and more structures are interested in affiliate marketing. Indeed, this powerful business lever has become increasingly popular over time. For what reasons ? And what drives companies of all sizes to become affiliators?
This is the answer we will answer in this article. In turn, discover the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate or performance marketing

The first thing to know: an affiliate campaign works on a pay-for-performance mode. This means that apart from any set-up costs and fixed costs, you only pay your affiliate according to the results of the latter . In other words, if your affiliate does not generate visits or sales according to the objectives defined upstream, you pay nothing.
Indeed, each affiliate program invites you to choose a specific mode of remuneration. The main ones being CPC (Cost per Click), CPA (Cost per Action), CPL (Cost per Lead) or CPI (Cost per Integration/Installation). Each corresponds to a different objective: the CPC is used to generate qualified traffic while the CPA and the CPL will be used more with the objective of increasing sales and turnover.
Note: it is possible to use several payment methods at the same time, depending on your needs.
In any case, since affiliation works on commission, it is easy to implement quickly profitable campaigns .

The benefit of targeting the right people

Over time, we have seen affinity networks appear. This allows a publisher site to “choose” even more easily and precisely the advertiser on the desired theme.
With a network like that of Casaneo, for example, the objective is to put advertisers in touch with publisher sites that have affinity with the themes of fashion and the home. The first can use the notoriety and audience of a site or an influencer to reach specific users. This allows you to bring hundreds or even thousands of unique visitors to your site in a very short time while controlling your advertising budget. The second, meanwhile, recovers interesting commissions.
Provided, of course, that you choose the right partners and create dedicated messages, having first thought about the profile of the users you want to target.

Programs for all needs and all budgets

Promoting its products and services can be very expensive. And even the so-called free levers (SEO, among others) are not that much. Affiliation, on the other hand, has gained momentum thanks to its ability to offer a win-win model .
Thus, the advertiser who wishes to start the affiliation provides the appropriate tools to allow affiliates to promote the product or service concerned. For its part, the affiliate does its utmost to highlight the advertiser’s offers. Depending on the results obtained, the advertiser pays a commission to the affiliate. It’s as simple as that.
As a result, affiliate marketing offers the possibility for smaller structures to promote their products and services . Especially since the advertising formats have multiplied over time. Thus, whereas originally, advertising messages were mainly broadcast via banners present on the affiliate’s site, new types of ads and formats have appeared. Today, it is possible to communicate in affiliation via advertorials, Native Ads, sponsored links, contests, etc.
This represents so many new ways to reach a new qualified audience.

Affiliates: a good way to monetize your site

We have, for the moment, mainly talked about the affiliation on the side of the affiliator (advertiser). But the affiliate is also a stakeholder. Thus, for the system to work, publisher sites and influencers who promote a product or service must be rewarded for their promotional work.
So, in addition to the method of remuneration (CPC, CPA, CPL, etc.), it is not uncommon to see affiliate programs evolve to make affiliates want to do their best to promote the products and services concerned ( affiliate challenges, increase in remuneration, exceptional bonus, etc.).
This is where the role of facilitating the affiliate program with the network of publishers of an affiliate platform comes into play. Indeed, energizing and animating its affiliate program helps motivate its affiliates by challenging them, rewarding them or creating specific deals.

Trust an affiliate platform to support you

For companies who are wondering how to do affiliation with complete peace of mind, we tell them that it is essential to approach an affiliate marketing platform .
Why ? Because the affiliate platform plays the role of intermediary and trusted third party between the advertiser/affiliator and the publisher/affiliate site . Which means, in other words, that it facilitates the meeting between these two partners who do not have to manage all the administrative and technical part related to remuneration or tracking. Without forgetting that the platform also plays a role of advice and implementation of the strategy essential to the success of the affiliate program.
Tracking, by the way, let’s talk about it. Because this technology is the basis of any effective affiliate campaign. Indeed, without the possibility of knowing the results obtained by the affiliate, how can a campaign be improved? How to pay affiliates? But also: how to calculate its cost? You got it: a good tracking tool is the backbone of a successful affiliate program .
For all these reasons, at Casaneo, we do what is necessary to offer our customers sophisticated and efficient tracking technology. In addition, we also offer regular monitoring and the possibility of contacting a privileged contact at any time. Not to mention our affinity network dedicated to fashion and home and the absence of setup and subscription fees.
Want to try affiliate marketing ? Test our Casaneo affiliate platform and let us help you set up your first campaigns. And to learn more about this leverage, you can also download our affiliate marketing whitepaper .

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