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What products to sell in affiliation?

Affiliation is a concept that has proven itself with many advertisers and publisher sites. For the former, this marketing lever has made it possible to sell products and services to a highly qualified clientele and to gain visibility. For the latter, membership generated additional income.

Obviously, and although affiliation is a performance marketing solution , on the advertiser’s side, it is necessary to implement an effective affiliation strategy. to hope to see results quickly and to obtain campaigns with excellent ROI. And this requires the right choice of products to sell according to your targets and your partners.

On the affiliate side, you have to be careful about the products you sell to your audience.

This article to learn more about the products to sell in affiliation.


The product your customers want

Let’s not make the suspense last longer than necessary: to hope to sell in affiliation quickly, you have to make the difference between the products that your customers and prospects want and the products that they need.

The difference is subtle yet it exists. And this is all the more true if you find yourself in end of conversion tunnel. Indeed, as an advertiser, by using partners such as price comparison sites or cashback sites, you are faced with potential future customers who are about to buy. It is therefore necessary to provide them with exactly what they want.

That being said, nothing prevents you, if you wish, from targeting prospects at the start of the conversion funnel at the same time. through engaging content. It all depends on the purchase cycle of your product.

Thus, in fact, it is possible to sell all types of products through affiliation. On the other hand, it is necessary to ask yourself as much about your targets (by setting up marketing personas) as about their desires.

But also to think about the position of the latter within this famous conversion tunnel to know how to attract them, convert them, transform them into customers and/or, ultimately, retain them .

Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate this by imagining that you sell clothes.

During the winter, you will promote your warm clothes by using partners at the end of the conversion tunnel (those we mentioned above). This is to capture customers in the buying phase. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from already preparing for the next season through advice content evoking your mid-season clothes. Here, the objective is to capture an audience in the phase of research for ideas that can be transformed, a few months later, into future buyers.


Effective tools and sales pitch

You have understood it: it is possible to sell everything through affiliation. Provided you pay attention to how to sell it.

We talked about seasonality and the principle of immediacy by contrasting hot and cold promotional content that can alternate, if necessary (especially in the fashion sector).

That being said, that is not enough. By using affiliation, you ask a partner to promote your products on your behalf. Thereby, an advertiser must offer its affiliates the right tools to work effectively.

In some cases, sharing your product feed is enough (this is the case with price comparison sites, for example). This will manually define the best affiliate products to promote.

If you use influencers, it will be necessary to identify with them the strong points of the product and the promotional angles of attack. This is so that he can promote it well to his audience.

Without forgetting of course to mention the remuneration that can be done at CPC, CPA, CPL, etc. and the associated tracking tool. But also the implementation of call to action.


A few tips to help you set up a successful campaign

First of all, know that you can find affiliates on your own or use a specialized affiliate platform or not.. This then acts as a link between affiliates and advertisers.

At Casaneo, for example, we support our clients in the creation of campaigns in the worlds of fashion and home. We have thus set up an affinity network of more than 3,000 affiliates in these specific sectors. In addition, we provide our customers with a powerful tracking tool, a dedicated interface and, above all, our know-how in the field.

In addition, like all marketing campaigns, an affiliate campaign requires regular optimization. This in order to identify what works and what does not work and to be able to rectify the situation if necessary.

On the other hand, and this is a specificity of affiliation, given that you go through a partner to promote your products, it is important to animate your campaigns. This can take the form of a one-time boost in compensation, sales competitions with rewards or in-kind donations (gifts, for example).


Finally, some think that it is better to sell few expensive products. Others believe that it is better to favor the sale by affiliation of many inexpensive products. It really depends on the sector. To see what works, we encourage you to test again and again. But above all to ask yourself what your customers really want. And this applies to both advertisers and publisher sites, which must work together to hope to obtain good results in affiliate marketing.

So, as an advertiser, rather than asking yourself what product to sell, ask yourself “How do I sell my products?” Whose ? And, above all, with which partner to affiliate? »


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