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5 tips to optimize the profitability of your affiliate campaign

Affiliation has become, over time, an increasingly popular marketing channel. A performance marketing solution, affiliation allows advertisers (affiliates) to take advantage of the popularity of partner sites (affiliates) to sell their products and services or to make themselves known to a qualified audience.

Whether you already use affiliation or want to learn more about this effective business lever, it is always useful to know the ways to optimize the profitability of your campaigns .

Choose the right publisher sites

Because affiliation is based on a partnership between an advertiser and a publisher site , it is obviously advisable to choose one or more business partners carefully.

Several options are available to you :

  • Affinity sites (blog or media site, among others);
  • Influencers on social networks;
  • Cashback, promo code or price comparison sites;
  • Affiliates specializing in retargeting and/or on-site re-engagement;
  • Experts in email marketing;
  • keyworders;
  • Sites practicing white label affiliation.

Obviously, depending on your activity and your objective, you will have to select your affiliates carefully. Some are better for getting leads (emailers, for example) while others are recommended for improving your sales and turnover (good deals, cashback or retargeters sites, among others).

Don’t forget to take your affiliate’s commission into account .

Selecting the Right Membership Compensation Model

Affiliation is a performance marketing lever. This means that an affiliate will be paid according to their results.

As such, to ensure an excellent ROI of your campaigns, it is important to choose the right compensation model for your affiliate campaigns.

You have the choice between different compensation models ranging from CPC to CPA to CPL .

Each is dedicated to a specific purpose. For example, CPC is ideal for improving your online visibility, while CPA is used more to increase sales and CPL is appreciated when it comes to getting more email contacts or appointments.

Obviously, it is possible to combine them if you wish.

Provide quality content and promotional tools

Some publisher sites are equipped with the right tools to allow advertisers to promote their products and services easily and quickly. Amazon, for example, provides easy-to-implement turnkey solutions for its users.

In any case, your content must be of high quality and often updated to be sure of the success of your affiliate campaigns.

Also, don’t forget to animate your affiliate programs by offering your affiliates challenges and challenges. Choosing the right partners is the basis of a successful affiliate campaign. It is therefore advisable to establish a long-term relationship with them. And it often goes through this type of approach.

You need help ? In this case, be aware that it is possible to go through a Affiliate platform (such as Casaneo) which assists you in choosing affiliates, setting up and optimizing your campaigns.

Take advantage of commercial highlights

Ultimately, the best way to optimize your affiliate program is to focus your efforts on commercial highlights. distributed throughout the year. We are obviously thinking of the end-of-year celebrations and sales. But we must not forget the various holidays (mothers, fathers and grandmothers) as well as Valentine’s Day, Easter or the start of the school year.

Prepare your promotional content in advance and carefully select your partners to be sure to be ready on D-Day. When the time comes, activate the right levers (shopping guide, promo code, social networks, email retargeting, etc.) to convert your prospects. Then, a few days later, you will have to move on to the loyalty phase (through an emailing campaign, for example).

By thinking about optimizing your conversion funnel, you will also work on the ROI of your affiliate campaigns. Then, like every webmarketing strategy, evaluate the results and take the necessary actions to further improve the profitability of your campaigns.

Surround yourself with quality partners

To be sure of the success of your affiliate campaigns and optimize their ROI, it is often necessary to call on experts.

As such, know that Casaneo is an affiliate platform specializing in fashion and home .

Our forces :

  • The creation of an affinity network of more than 3000 affiliates;
  • The development of a pure performance compensation model;
  • The provision of a tracking tool offering optimal traceability;
  • A personalized interface and the possibility of being accompanied by a dedicated account manager.

Contact us and let us help you optimize the ROI of your affiliate campaigns.


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