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Affiliate marketing: tracking performance

As you probably know, affiliation is a type of partnership between an advertiser who wishes to distribute its advertising messages and an affiliate who is remunerated according to its results.

To ensure fair payment for one and consistent remuneration for the other, we use tracking software.

Want to know more about how it works and what it’s for?

This is the subject of our article.

What is affiliate tracking?

concept of affiliation
is relatively simple to understand. An advertiser wants to reach one or more specific audiences with one or more advertising messages. To do this, we work with one or more publishers who will distribute the message in various forms (banner, shopping guide, video, etc.).

But it’s important to remember that affiliation is a
performance marketing solution
. And this is the most important point of our article. The reason why affiliation works so well is that it allows advertisers to pay only for the results they achieve. As a result, there is little chance of the latter not having a real returns on investment.

The question now is: how can we be sure that an advertiser is paying the right price and that an affiliate is being remunerated at the right level? This is the aim of tracking software.

How affiliate tracking works

Simply put, tracking software is a technology that allows you to follow a user’s path from the published ad to the completion of the desired action. To do this, we use cookies.

There are several types of cookie. The most widespread are those that enable sites to record various information about their users (these are the ones you accept when you arrive on a site).

For affiliate marketing, we use proprietary cookies. This type of cookie, which is deposited on the browser, is used to track the user’s entire click path. In this way, by tracking the actions taken by each Internet user, we know where they’ve come from and everything they’ve done during their browsing.

Depending on the needs of the brand, these cookies can be configured to record different data. On the other hand, with the GDPRthe use of these cookies has been strictly regulated. This has forced affiliate market players to take additional measures to adapt to current legal regulations and, in so doing, guarantee the protection of Internet users’ data.

Why is affiliate tracking so important?

It’s an interesting question that goes far beyond the simple notion of remuneration/payment. As a matter of fact, affiliate tracking is what governs the very principle of affiliation. Without tracking, affiliate marketing is impossible.

In fact, if you’ve set up a unique affiliate campaign, you need to obtain precise data on your affiliate’s actions. And if you have created several campaigns, it is essential to accurately differentiate the actions of all your affiliates.

What’s more, there are
numerous remuneration methods
ranging from CPC to CPL to CPA, which can sometimes be used in conjunction with one another. Not to mention the many opportunities for fraud (fraudulent clicks, for example).

But that’s not all! By accurately tracking the results of your campaigns, you canobtain a large amount of data that will help you optimize them by identifying what works and what doesn’t. But also to identify which affiliates are performing best and which are not.

This is why affiliate tracking allows you to be alerted and, by doing so, to
improve the ROI of your campaigns
by reworking your message, your targeting or by implementing actions to boost your affiliates’ motivation (challenges, for example).

You’ve got it: affiliate tracking is an essential element in setting up your affiliate campaigns.

The affiliation platform: the best partner for advertisers and affiliates

Clearly, not all companies have the means to install high-performance tracking software. So, whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, you can call on a affiliation platform to help you.

At Casaneo, for example, we use sophisticated sophisticated tracking software for optimal traceability of each campaign’s operations.

This enables our customers toavoid fraud andinformed about every sale or lead generated by the affiliate program. As an added bonus, we offer detailed statistics to optimize the performance of your ads. And it’s all thanks to a little invisible software that does the work for you.

Want to find out more about affiliation, tracking software and the benefits of using an affiliation platform? Please contact us.


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