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Bank cashback: how does it work?

Cashback bancaire

Bank cashback: banks are getting in on the act too

Bank cashback: how it works and definition

Cashback is a very popular concept among e-tailers and consumers alike. The reason: it’s a system that allows you to save more or less on every purchase. It’s also important to know whether this acquisition lever can boost your brand’s reputation. We’ve put together a comprehensive and detailed article, because many of you are wondering what cashback and affiliate design are all about.

On the other hand, unlike coupons, which work with the purchase, cashback takes the form of a post-purchase refund.

So, in practice, you need to go through a specialist cashback site to use this system. The role of this intermediary is, on the one hand, to share the cashback offers of e-tailers and, on the other, to manage the portfolio of each customer by collecting the profits linked to this system.

Interestingly, the popularity of this system has prompted some banks (traditional and neo-banks) to offer a bank cashback system.

What exactly is cashback and why is it interesting?

Answers in our article.

What is a cashback card?

Banking institutions have been quick to understand the benefits of cashback in building customer loyalty. Driven in France by neo-banks, more and more traditional banks are also starting to enter this specific sector.

In practice, a cashback card is a bank card to which a cashback option has been applied.

This means, in other words, that all credit card purchases using this card will enable the customer to recover part of the amount invested.

If you’re interested, simply open an account with an online bank that offers this type of program (Monabanq, Ma French Bank, Lydia…). Once you’ve received your bank card, you can make your purchases with ease.

Types of cashback bank cards

2 types of special cashback cards are available

Comparison of cashback cards

On the one hand, we have cards that include cashback in their usage. With this type of payment card, all your cashback earnings are paid directly and automatically into your bank account (percentages often vary between 0.10% and 1%).

On the other hand, you’ll find more traditional cashback bankcards linked to a cashback program based on a list of partner merchants. As a result, any business or personal expenditure in these stores allows you to recover part of your purchase (up to 40%).

Which banks offer cashback in France?

Many banks now offer payment cards with cashback.


Monabanq is often cited in first place. It has to be said that the neo-bank offers a solid program with an attractive welcome offer.

Société Générale

If you want to stay with a traditional bank, Société Générale has also taken a close interest in this system of credit card purchases, offering a range of cashback cards to suit all needs. As well as offering a wide network of partner stores, all cashback earnings are paid into an online kitty that can be unlocked from as little as €20.

Ma French Bank

You might also be interested in Ma French Bank (La Poste Group’s mobile banking service), which also has an interesting cashback program.

Cashback through Lydia-type applications

Are you more of a banking application? In that case, open a bank account with Lydia. Easily configurable via the application, the bank has also teamed up with a number of big names (Microsoft, Franprix…) for the benefit of its customers.

Professionals are not left out, as you can recoup a percentage of your business expenses by opening an account with Finom or N26 Business.

Not to mention other big names in the sector such as Pumpkin, Vivid, Orange bank, LCL and Crédit agricole.

It’s simple: today, most banks offer their customers free bank cards with cashback. So don’t hesitate to contact your current bank to find out more, and take the time to compare the different programs.

What are the advantages of bank cashback?

Although the cashback principle is highly advantageous, offering attractive bonuses on every purchase, it still remains unclear for some people who don’t want to waste time registering with a site and going through this intermediary for every purchase (whether for business or pleasure).

In this respect, the fact of using a payment card and benefiting from a free bank card greatly facilitates access to this new technology for the general public. Not to mention the fact that you can also take advantage of this system with many online banking partners who have set up their own cashback programs.

After all, cashback was originally used mainly for online purchases. When you open a bank account with Monabanq, Orange Bank, Pumpkin, Vivid or La Société Générale, you’ll benefit from attractive offers and bonuses. In most cases, this bank card offer comes with no revenue requirements, and comes with a welcome bonus.

One last thing to know: this system of reimbursing a portion of your purchases for all your commercial transactions is an excellent way of covering your bank charges. And that’s what’s attracting more and more users eager to find the best deals.

Our opinion on the best cashback bank card

It’s difficult to give a precise answer to this question, because bankcard offers can change and evolve from year to year.

However, you can easily find comparisons on the Internet to help you find the best cashback bankcards available.

Among the features to look out for, we encourage you to take a closer look at :

  • Partner brands: preferably choose partner brands that you know and like;
  • The percentage and amount of cashback offered for each purchase;
  • With the reputation of the traditional bank or online banking (LCL, Orange bank, Pumpkin, Vivid, Lydia, Monabanq, Société Générale…);
  • Has the opportunity to take advantage of a possible welcome offer;
  • Opinions from friends and family and other Internet users.

By cross-referencing this information and taking the time to read the comparisons on specialist websites, you can easily find the bankcard offer that suits your needs and desires.

Would you like to find out more about the cashback industry in France and its advantages for affiliates? Then contact us ! If you’d like to set up an online marketing campaign, our specialist agency is at your disposal.

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