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Boost affiliate sales with native advertising

On the one hand, we have affiliation which, as a
performance marketing solution
is literally exploding. On the other, we have the native advertising which is a popular advertising format for both web users and advertisers.

The question we ask in this article: how can you link these two levers to boost your sales?


What exactly is native advertising?

With the constant advance of technology, advertising formats are constantly evolving. Today, we are able to offer hyper-personalized advertising that can respond precisely to consumers’ needs (sometimes even before they express them clearly).

Native advertising is part of this approach in that the advertising created will be practically invisible to the Internet user.

Widely used on many media sites, you’ve probably noticed a selection of articles at the end of some posts? This is native advertising.

The objective is to offer an advertising format that perfectly matches the design of the affiliate’s site. In the case of a media site, we could believe that advertisements are part of the site’s editorial flow. Obviously, this is not the case, and only a small mention of “sponsored content” indicates that we are dealing with an advertisement.

The aim is to to play with the vigilance of the Internet user who, over time, have learned to detect promotional messages (what some specialists call “natural adblocker”).


Why is native advertising interesting for affiliate campaigns aimed at boosting sales?

Long gone are the days when the principle of affiliation was based solely on the display of an advertiser’s banner on an affiliated site.

In fact, this business lever has evolved with the times to meet the expectations of Internet users and the needs of advertisers. Native advertising is the proof.

It is one of these non-disruptive advertising formats, because they do not involve any real break between the content of the affiliate’s site and the promotional message. This implies a better user acceptance.

It is interesting to note that this type of format often passes under the radar of ad-blocking software since it doesn’t interfere with browsing.

Which, as you may have guessed, promotes greater visibility and therefore better ROI of your campaign.

Combined with affiliation, which is a performance-based marketing solution
native advertising
offers impressive results… provided you optimize your campaign.


Tips for setting up a high-performance affiliate campaign using native advertising

First and foremost, we advise you to set up an optimized landing page on your site to welcome your visitors. An
optimized landing page
promotes a higher conversion rate.

Once your landing page is ready, it’s time to set up your campaign. At that point, you’ll need as much your message than to your affiliate partners.

As far as affiliates are concerned, you should know that at Casaneo we have chosen to favour a affinity network (fashion and home sector). This means that when you place your trust in us, you’re guaranteed to benefit from qualified partners to spread your messages. What’s more, our tracking tools allow you to track your affiliates’ performance accurately, so you can pay the right price and see what’s working and what’s not.

Let’s talk about the message itself. The most popular format for native advertising is the advertising. In this case, you will need to work on the title of your article (knowing that this is what the web user will see first). Don’t forget miniature which will accompany your title. If these elements are eye-catching, the visitor is more likely to click. As far as the article is concerned, because the advertorial is written to provide non-commercial information to the Internet user, you can obviously highlight your company. That said, it’s important to do it smoothly and intelligently. by wrapping your commercial message in elements of interest to the reader.

Finally, as with any marketing campaign, it will be necessary to monitor the performance of your native advertising campaigns. Here again, using an affiliate marketing platform provides you with the right tools to simplify your life in this area. No matter how many affiliates you have, our statistics let you see your partners’ performance at a glance.

A final word of advice: don’t hesitate to use the native advertising format in retargeting to target people who have already shown an interest in your site. And, above all, use A/B Testing to optimize your campaigns over time.


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