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Optimize your landing pages to generate qualified leads

In affiliation, the creation of a high-performance landing page is essential. Indeed, attracting new prospects with an effective message is useless if you have nothing to convert behind it.

So, to generate leads, it’s important to consider the creation and optimization of your landing pages.

Here are a few suggestions.

A landing page for a purpose

affiliate campaign
must meet a specific objective for example, to increase sales, boost visibility or collect emails.

Your landing pages come at the end of the
conversion tunnel
must adapt to this objective.

That’s why it’s important to avoid generalist landing pages, and instead promote specific landing pages by
and by objective.

In addition, creating several landing pages allows you to carry out A/B testing to see what works and what needs to be improved.

Work on the content of your landing page

Because the role of the landing page is to generate leadsit needs to be meticulously crafted.

This involves writing a catchy title which is the first thing your visitor will notice. The headline must therefore be effective and inspire people to take action. Ideally, it should provide the solution to your prospect’s problem, summarizing your offer in a few words.

After the title, turn your attention to the text part. Your text should be airy and, like the title, action-oriented. It should be used to accurately present your offer and answer your visitors’ questions. Choose bulleted lists and don’t hesitate to incorporate images and videos to illustrate your point. Not to mention work on your natural referencing by integrating keywords (to multiply entry points).

Throughout your page, remember to place call-to-actions in strategic locations. They must be visible, simple and powerful. We therefore encourage you to use action verbs and avoid vague messages (such as “Click here” or “Find out more”) in favor of clear, unambiguous messages.

For example:

  • Request a free demo;
  • Download your free trial version ;
  • Subscribe to our newsletter;
  • Etc.

These CTA buttons need to be eye-catching in design (without being too intrusive).

Keep your eye on the waterline

The waterline is the horizontal line that defines the visible part of your page when connected. It therefore excludes any part of your page that requires the use of the scroll bar to appear.

Obviously, this differs according to device and screen size (the waterline of a site displayed on a smartphone is not the same as the waterline of a site displayed on a large computer screen).

However, this waterline concept is essential for optimizing your landing page. Internet users are highly volatile, so the aim is to place all the important elements above the latter to capture their attention and make them want to take an interest in what you have to offer.

Anything below that is of lesser importance, and should only be of interest to the more inquisitive.

Additional elements to improve the performance of your landing page

In addition to all the elements described above, here are the other points you need to know to optimize your landing pages:

  • Keep your landing page as simple as possible. A far cry from the glitzy sites of the 90s, today’s standard is simplicity (“less is more”). Your landing page must therefore contain a minimum of elements to convince your prospect.
  • As well as keeping space requirements to a minimum, you also need to avoid distractions and the possibility of going elsewhere. Since the aim is to retain your visitors, don’t provide links to other pages on the site (except for call-to-actions);
  • Feel free to add reviews, customer testimonials or endorsements of your expertise (awards, press mentions, etc.). This reassurance can turn a hesitant prospect into a loyal customer.

Another element that can help you get leads: the form which can be part of your landing page or your landing page itself. In all cases, it should be located above the waterline, be relatively short and, if possible, “be smart” by pre-filling in the visitor information you already have.

Test, measure and optimize

In web marketing, in order to guarantee
, it’s important to test, measure and optimize each and every one of our actions. Landing pages are no exception.

To check their performance, we recommend you use and abuse the A/B testing.

This consists in offering 2 different pages to the same target audience, and then measuring the results obtained. This difference can be seen in the CTAs, the title or the elements proposed (short or rich form, for example).

This way, over time, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t, so you can fine-tune your existing landing pages and create new, high-performance landing pages in the future.

Another possibility: the heat map. Thanks to this technology, you’ll know where your page’s hot spots are. This will tell you, for example, whether visitors are scrolling or which CTA is performing best.

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