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How can you find out who your audience is so you can choose which programs to broadcast?

choisir son audience en affiliation

The goal of any marketing campaign: target the right person with the right advertising message at the right time. Of course, affiliation is no exception. This business leverage offers greater freedom in this area, since by choosing your affiliate partners carefully, you can take advantage of a new, highly qualified audience.

This requires you to take a step back and think about the audience you want for your affiliate program.

We tell you everything you need to know about it.


What is a hearing?

In simple terms, an audience is the public who will be exposed to an advertising message. Audiences can therefore be TV viewers or listeners, as well as people looking at a billboard or visiting a website.

In this case, we’re talking primarily about Internet users. But not just any kind. Because the aim of affiliation is to set up partner with an affiliate to take advantage of their audience.

In this case, before launching your affiliate program, it’s important to choose the right business partner for your campaign.


How do you choose your affiliation audience?

In practice, the choice of affiliate audience is made in the same way as for other communication channels. In fact, as with SEA or social networks, you can target specific audiences based on a wide range of criteria (demographics, consumer habits, interests…).

Affiliation is an interesting lever, as it can offer access to precise data precise data shared by your partner (first-party data).

However, beforehand, you need to think about the audience you want to target with your advertising messages. This will help you choose your affiliate partners not on the basis of their reputation (although that’s important), but on the basis of their audience.

Because there’s nothing worse for an advertiser than sharing the wrong message with the wrong audience.

To help you, we recommend that you set up
marketing personas
. This important tool enables you to get to know the people you want to target (your customers and/or prospects). The objective is to know how to talk to them using the right medium.


A few tips for getting to know your audience

It’s essential for a company to know its audience. Both for affiliation and for all marketing actions.

So, if you’re already well established in the sector, you can use your own data customers (first-party data). In fact, by looking at your analytics data, you’ll be able to update a typical customer profile. This is the first point that can help you create your first personas.

Want to target people who don’t know your brand? In this case, you will need to make empirical progress by formulating hypotheses and validating or, on the contrary, invalidating them. If affiliation is the first channel you use for your online communication, don’t hesitate to contact your affiliate partners directly to find out about their audience. You can also read the comments left by Internet users to get some clues on how to talk to them. This will help you find out if this is the audience you’re looking for.

If you already communicate on the Internet, use the insights from your other campaigns for your affiliate programs.

You can also take an interest in statistical studies of your market to find out more about your audience.


No affiliate program without an audience!

Once you know your audience, you can propose an associated affiliate program. For example, you don’t speak the same way to a young audience as to a senior one. This also applies to audiences who are already familiar with your brand or, on the contrary, who have never been in contact with it. Not to mention consider your audience’s position in the conversion tunnel. If the target audience is at the beginning of the sales tunnel, you’ll need to be much more reassuring than for an audience already in the buying phase.

You’ve got it: choosing the right audience is essential to ensure that you share an effective message in line with your objective, using the right partner..

If you don’t know your audience precisely, you’ll find it hard to personalize your communications. This will impact on the performance of your affiliate programs and reduce the motivation of your affiliate partners. Our affiliate marketing platform can help you build your customer profiles.


Get help from an affiliation platform to make sure you’re targeting the right audience

Although affiliate marketing is based on a pay-for-performance principle, it is necessary to to work intelligently to achieve an excellent ROI.

That’s why more and more advertisers rely on affiliate marketing platforms to support them. This makes it possible to benefit from the expertise of a specialist to make sure you find the right partners and set up quality programs.

As such, at Casaneo we have chosen to focus on the fashion and home sectors. This allows you, as an advertiser, to benefit from a highly qualified audience in these sectors.

In addition to this affinity network, we offer all our customers an interface interface with detailed statistics to know precisely the results of each program. In this way, you can find out in detail which actions are working and which need to be optimized, by focusing on both the message and the audience.

One last thing: you also benefit from the support of a dedicated account manager who, thanks to his knowledge, is able to point you in the right direction.

Contact us to find out more and to set up or optimize your affiliate program.


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