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Seasonality peaks: manage them with affiliate marketing

E-merchants know the importance of managing seasonality in their sales cycle. We are obviously thinking of sales, but also of festive periods or vacations. This is especially true for certain sectors such as fashion and home (among others).

As such, do you know that affiliation can help you manage these seasonal peaks more smoothly? ? Both during these commercial highlights and between each period.


Anticipate your business strategy for the year

During seasonal peaks, it is difficult to work on your commercial and communication strategy. Indeed, your objective during this period being to sell at all costs, your strategy must be solid enough to apply to the letter.

Between each highlight, however, it will be necessary to measure the results obtained and optimize your actions if necessary.

This happens in several stages:

  • First, you evaluate this year’s results and compare them with those of the previous period ;
  • Then, you measure the impact of each action and calculate their ROI ;
  • Finally, you set up an action plan based on sales forecasts for the next period.

This will allow you to set up a precise roadmap for the coming year based on precise data and hypotheses that should be confirmed or invalidated when the time comes.

Once again, we insist on the fact that this work is particularly important during slack periods since it will not be possible to be on all fronts at the peak of seasonality.

Note: don’t hesitate to create persona sheets to be sure to speak in the right way to your target audience.

Be present on as many channels as possible during each highlight

In the midst of high commercial times, it is imperative that you focus part of your efforts on your communication. Indeed, you must show your customers that they have every reason to come to you rather than to your competitors. This requires setting up a multi or even omni-channel communication strategy.

Between each important moment of the year, you improve your online presence by using acquisition levers generating long-term results. We think, for example, of SEO , long to set up, but which can be particularly profitable, or the sharing of buying guides for your prospects and targets.

Of course, it is also possible (and necessary) to continue talking to your customers and users in order to sell during these quiet times as well. Yet you must keep your sights set on the next important period and prepare the ground to literally invade the web with promotional messages at the right time.

However, be careful not to get lost in your communication. In effect, choosing the wrong business partner can cost you dearly.

How to use affiliation to best manage seasonality peaks?

Among the marketing levers most used during sales periods or holidays, SEA and social networks are among the tools most popular with advertisers.. Indeed, they are interesting channels in more ways than one.

However, do you know that affiliation is a great way to strengthen your online presence ? ? This is also the strong point of this performance marketing solution, which offers brands the possibility ofbe present throughout the conversion funnel without blowing their communication budget.

As such, you should know that affiliation allows you to pay only according to the results obtained.. Which means, you have understood, that if your partner does not generate any traffic to your site, he will not be paid. It is moreover for this reason that it is said that affiliation is based on a win-win principle.

In any case, it is possible to act effectively at each stage of the purchase journey and conversion funnel by targeting the right people with the right message :

  • Beginning of the purchasing process / information search : advertising, influence marketing, display (pretargeting), social networks, etc.
  • Middle of the purchase/conversion journey : display ( retargeting ), price comparison, newsletter, influencer, etc.
  • End of the purchasing/loyalty journey : newsletter, promo codes, cashback, social networks, etc.

The goal is to create scenarios taking into account the expectations, desires and needs of your targets. But also ofSupport from the research phase to conversion and loyalty by pushing the right ads at the right time.

During the peak, do not hesitate to use notions of urgency thanks to promotions valid for a certain time and/or free delivery costs over a given period.

Seasonality peaks and animation of your partner sites

Obviously, in order to boost your sales, it will be necessary to make your affiliate partners want to talk about you.

This can take several forms:

  • Sharing a promo code exclusive to certain publisher sites. This is also the strategy of many major brands to facilitate the promotion of their references with carefully selected partners;
  • Increase in remuneration during the peak commercial period: increase in commissions or levels of remuneration, for example;
  • Possibility of paying a fixed fee for guaranteed promotion;
  • A hybrid proposal using a set of practices taking into consideration the needs and expectations of your affiliate partners.

Do you need help working on your affiliate marketing during seasonal peaks? The Casaneo teams are at your disposal to support and advise you. As an affiliate platform specializing in the fashion and home sector, you benefit from a network of high-quality affinity sites that guarantee you a significant ROI on all of your campaigns.


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