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Winter sales 2021: adopt THE right affiliate strategy

If there is a time when affiliation reveals its full potential, it is during the various commercial highlights of the year. As such, while the 2021 winter sales are about to begin, there is still time to take an interest in your affiliate strategy.

We give you some tips for designing a successful and profitable affiliate campaign.

Why be interested in affiliation during the 2021 winter sales?

As a general rule, we advise our advertising clients to take the time to prepare their marketing strategy and media plan well in advance in order to be sure of being ready on the big day.

However, it is never too late to start affiliate marketing .. Indeed, if you want to highlight your products and/or your company, affiliation can be a very interesting commercial lever. It will be essential toIdentify what product you want to sell .

Why ? Because this performance marketing solution allows you to set up profitable campaigns for sure. The objective being, then, to refine them for improve your ROI.

To do this, you have to work on several important elements that we are revealing to you.

Define your goal

Like all marketing strategies, a good affiliate strategy begins with the definition of a specific objective. During the winter sales, most companies want increase their turnover (this is all the more important in view of the health context which continues to slow down the dynamism of French companies).

But this is not the only possible objective. You can also take advantage of the 2021 winter sales to make yourself known to your target audience. By providing, for example, discount coupons or promo codes. which, in addition toincreasing your visibility can also boost your sales over the period.

You may also want to collect qualified leads by promising, for example, an exclusive and additional discount in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. The advantage of this type of device is that it allows you to both consolidate your customer database and increase your sales.

Of course, you can create a campaign to boost your sales and another, in parallel, to improve your online visibility. The whole being, for each of them, of good define the profile of your targets as well as their browsing and consumption habits.

To do this, we encourage you to create personas and, above all, to optimize your conversion funnel and to question yourself on how to reach your customers and prospects at the right time and in the right place. This is essential to provide them with a precise and effective message.

Find the right partners

The principle of affiliation is to link, through a commercial relationship, an advertiser (affiliator) and a publisher site (affiliate). The advertiser provides his partner with all the elements he needs to promote his products or services.

This may be advertising banners, discount codes, a newsletter. Or even a flow of products. In all cases, the affiliate will be paid for each action , depending on what has been defined upstream (sale, lead, visitor to the site, etc.).

Regarding payment, you should know that the affiliation offers several payment methods ranging from CPC (Cost per Click) to CPL (Cost per Lead) through CPA (Cost per Action) or double click remuneration.. Therefore, it is important to set up a powerful tracking tool to track and remunerate each affiliate based on their results.

If necessary, you should know that it is possible to request the support of an affiliation platform to support both advertisers and affiliates. At Casaneo , for example, we have chosen to focus on the fashion and home sectors. This means that we have a qualified affinity network. In addition, our users all have access to a sophisticated tracking tool as well as an interface and a dedicated account manager.

Measure and optimize

Last step of any good marketing strategy: measurement and optimization. As we specified previously, affiliation is appreciated for its ability to offer a guaranteed profitability .

But that doesn’t prevent you from thinking about optimizing your campaigns. to make them even more effective. As with every marketing campaign, you must then use the right indicators and identify the problems and areas for improvement in order to act and improve your affiliate campaigns over time.

Here are the main KPIs related to affiliation :

  • The click-through rate;
  • The conversion rate;
  • The cost per lead;
  • The reverse sell rate;
  • The percentage of fraudulent conversions (this is greatly reduced by going through a serious platform);
  • Additional income (or incremental income);
  • Without forgetting of course the ROI.

To this we add the behavior of the affiliates (types of active affiliates, percentage of dormant affiliates, best affiliates, etc.), the fluctuations in the sales of your affiliates or even what are called vanity metrics (bounce rate, number of visits, engagement, user loyalty, etc.). The latter is so named because, although these measures can be interesting in some cases, they generally do not allow precise optimizations to be made.

After identifying what is causing the problem, you should take the right actions to improve the performance of your campaign.. To do this, do not hesitate to discuss it directly with your account manager if you work with an affiliate platform or with your affiliate.

In addition, we also advise advertisers to regularly offer animations (challenges, competitions, various incentives) to their affiliates. Especially during the sales period. This can motivate your affiliates and make them want to promote your referrals or services for a set period of time.

You got it: the 2021 winter sales are the right time to use membership. Whether you have already prepared your programs or not, let us accompany you in order to be sure of the success of your campaigns and of meeting the objectives that you have set for yourself.


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